May 2, 2014

5 Ways to Turn a Bad Day Around Immediately. ~ Brenna Fischer

bad day

We’ve all had them, the infamous bad day.

I’ve just had a particularly bad one, but I’m going to skip the details here so we can get to some of the remedies.

I mean, if you’re reading this after your own bad day the last thing I want to do is bring the mood down with tails of embarrassing slips on banana peels, frogs falling from the sky Magnolia-style and losing the battle between good and evil to my arch nemesis (well at least that’s what today felt like).

So, here a few quick ways to turn things around. And they’re free!

1) Put on some music (none of that sad stuff though).

I actually have no idea what I am listening to at the moment, which for me, is half the fun. I went onto Youtube and clicked on one of their “recommended mixes.”

I can say this, it’s uplifting, bouncy (that paints a good picture) and dance worthy! It makes me happy and fills my head with visions of smiles and laughter, job done.

2) Move.

I’m not saying to actually move, as in move apartments, that would be pretty extreme. Though depending on the details of said bad day, perhaps moving away from the Big Bad Wolf that blew the house down would make things better…

I mean physically move around.

Personally, I choose to dance to that music I just put on. The endorphins make us feel good and besides that its fun! Even just jumping around like a loon should be enough for a smile.

3) Water.

Get in it!

Any kind of water will do, shower, bath, lake, ocean, whatever. Being in contact with water helps to ground us and neutralize all of the positive ions, from our computers, iPhones, iPods and TV’s, bouncing around inside of us.

Plus, it feels good to get clean.

4) Turn off the internet. 

Facebook is not always so good for our self-esteem and I find taking even an hour break helps immensely. It’s distracting, and since I’m trying to put tip number five into action, I have to turn it off so I can focus.

5) Be Productive. 

While trying to wash away the residue of my bad day with tip number three, the idea for this post came to me. The thought of writing about my bad day and making it into something positive and productive immediately made me feel better.

The rest of my day is irreversible but at least I can create something that I feel good about today.


If all else fails watch cat videos!

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Editor: Catherine Monkman

Photo Credit: Roger Price/Flikr Creative Commons

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