May 1, 2014

A Complete Spring Detox (No Juicing Needed). ~ Brittany Carrico

Spring Cleaning

We all have a natural desire to start clean and fresh every spring.

An overwhelming out with the old and in with the new mentality grabs a hold of us. We purge and detox all spring long, by the time we reach summer we are a little confused, hungry and really tired of juice!

I’m not bashing juice or any other detox program, but I am encouraging us all to be mindful this spring and cleanse with purpose. A great way to do this is to stop and reflect on where we truly need cleansing in our lives. Steering away from quick trends and moving into deeper and long-lasting change.

Here are some techniques to consider if you’re feeling the urge to renew this spring.

Cleansing the Body:

This is where most of us head to first. Rather then jumping right to a crash diet (disgusted) a juice fast allows us to take some time to really listen to our bodies. Understanding there is more than just diet to consider.

Perhaps we do focus on eating cleaner and fresher foods, or investigating our doshas. Other things to consider are the products we use. Switching to natural and simple lotions, shampoos and cleansers. It could even be as simple as adding dry brushing, massage or neti pot to your weekly routine.

Cleansing our Space:

This is a big one—Spring Cleaning! No easier way to feel light and fresh then to go through and detach from our old belongings. It really is a funny concept, but we do have relationships with what we own and it can hold us down.

Ever have that one sweater you haven’t worn in years but hang onto for no known reason? Don’t worry we have all been there. Cleaning out your closet, office or kitchen not only creates a new clean space, but can give some much needed therapeutic release as well.

Cleansing the Mind:

Cleansing the the mind…what does that even mean? Just like we form habits with our actions, it is very easy to form habits in our thoughts. Unfortunately, these are not always “good” habits. From sarcasm to bad self talk, we all have a thought  process we could clean up this spring.

This may be the hardest cleanse to commit to as there is no one way to change our thought patterns. However, a great place to start is becoming more mindful of our thoughts. Making an effort to notice our patterns, record them in some way and make genuine change towards a clearer way of thinking.

Don’t Push it!:

It can be so easy to catch spring fever and want to change everything in our lives. Take your cleansing bit by bit. Remember it has taken us years to form the patterns we have now, it may take more then a few weeks to change them and that’s okay! Let’s all enjoy our journeys of refreshment this spring!

What changes are you looking to make this spring?

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