May 18, 2014

A Love Letter to Louis C.K. ~ Annie Phenix

louis c.k.

You are off the charts sexy.

Dear Louis,

This is a love letter. It is to you.

I love you, from afar.

I would like to first shake your hand, then give you a big bear hug and then I would say thank you.

Thank you for being a decent, loving, empathetic and funny as hell man. Thank you for loving your daughters so deeply and for being such a marvelous example of what a grown up man looks like.

Thank for your exasperation at the world—it is exasperating and it drives me mad when people pretend that it is not.

Thank you for making me laugh. Do you know one of the top things women find most attractive in men is a sense of humor. This means you are off the charts sexy. You don’t see yourself in that way and I’m sorry to inform you, this only adds to your appeal.

I watched Diane Sawyer interview you recently. She was giddy in front of you. Did you notice that? I did. I would be the same.

You make grown up, intelligent and compassionate women giddy.

You don’t even have to speak to reel me in, and millions of women like me. Your eyes do the talking for you. Your eyes are sad and wise and perhaps a bit worn out by life, but you soldier on doing the best that you can, just like us. Your eyes tell me of your kindness. I don’t think you know how powerful your eyes are.

They make me want to make you laugh as hard as you have made me laugh.

I know we’ll never meet one another.

For one thing, you are famous and I am not. Also, I am happily married to a great man. He looks like you, or maybe you look like him. He is wise, kind, gentle and funny as hell. He’s like you in that he has no clue how incredible he is as a person and especially as a male person. He didn’t buy into the macho myths that tell men how they should behave.

He is an artist, like you.

He can draw, cook, dance, sing, drive a tractor, fix a fence and a flat tire, back my horse trailer up out of any situation I manage to get it in and he openly cares for me and others in his life. He adores his mother. He is gentle with our dogs. He can change a baby’s diaper (I can’t) because he babysat his nieces and nephews when they were little.

He looks out me and works every day to make me happy.

Did I mention that he is funny as hell? He has made me laugh so often and so hard in the car that I refuse to drive when we go somewhere together because I’m likely to laugh until I cry and that gets dangerous when one is driving.

He’s a lot like you, or perhaps you are a lot like him.

You are like many loving men, but nobody ever tells you that you are a gorgeous man—inside and out.

Nobody ever tells you with a megaphone that you are the man we are looking for, the man we want to father our children, the man with whom we want to grow old.

You are the man we trust, and the one we love. We aren’t impressed with boring, cheating goons or those elected officials who keep trying to tell us how to behave, who want to control us and who tell us to mind our place; a place they pre-determined.

We are impressed with men like you who defy ancient definitions of what it means to be a man. Life is hard on everyone but sharing our world with men like you makes the journey worth it. We see you as a true partner. We want to shelter you as much as you shelter us.

We are tired of the men who make us cry, unless it is a man like you who makes us cry and snort with laughter. We want a man like you who acknowledges that women snort, even though it’s not considered ladylike to do so, especially when it is you who causes the snorting.

So, I wanted to tell you. Now you know. I hope that doesn’t change you because you are perfect just as you are.


Love elephant and want to go steady?

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