May 6, 2014

A Walk. ~ Rupal Rathore {Poem}

bare feet

As I loosen my shoelaces,

My fingers trace the imprint

On my foot, with the hint

Of clammy sweat and closed spaces.


I jerk my foot out,

Feeling the coolness of air

As I wriggle my toe fingers, bare.

Just then, I hear a shout.


I realize that’s a call,

From inside of the Earth

Inviting my foot to crawl

In the damp soil, and feel its worth


It’s not long before,

I’ve managed to sink my foot in,

For modest crumbs to heal the sore

Areas of my skin


I take small steps ahead

My feet deep in the mud, red

Coolness of the Earth sinking in my

Body as I give a little sigh


As I’ve walked the entire park,

I feel like I had escaped to

Nowhere but in myself and through,

And traveled away from the dark.

All my senses are activated

And awareness descends from the body

To my soul, elated

That had seemed dulled by life’s ordeal.


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Apprentice Editor: Cami Krueger / Editor: Rachel Nussbaum

Photo: Pixoto user Holly Froese


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