May 14, 2014

Claim Your Power: 5 Simple Ways to Live Like the High Priestess. ~ Sheila McVay

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In the past six months, I have had the opportunity to sit with two different Intuitives/Psychics who have read my tarot cards. I don’t put a whole lot of stock in this, but the card that keeps coming up for me is…

The Priestess, first the “High Priestess” and then “The Priestess of Cups”,  both times the card fell in the identity position.

I can’t say I really understand what all that this means or that I believe any of it, and I know that it can be interpreted in a myriad of ways, but I have to admit, I love the idea of sitting in the role of a Priestess.

For years, I have joked about the fact that if there is such a thing as a past life I think I must have been some sort of Druid Priestess. I love nature and ritual and magic, spirit and mystery, and of course, long flowing dresses and wind in my hair. Who wouldn’t want to live like a Priestess?

A priestess is powerful and mesmerizing, capable and confident. She is who we should all be, and the truth is, it’s easy. Here’s how you can make five subtle shifts and manifest that strength in your own life.

Immerse Yourself in Nature

We live in a sterile, commodified, materialistic world that has separated us from the environment and filled us with fear. We are told to protect ourselves from the elements, hide in the shade, avoid pollen, fear bugs and snakes and crawly thing.

A Priestess does not live in fear! She knows her connection to nature brings power and magic to her life.

Stop protecting yourself from the elements so thoroughly! Let the sun warm and bronze your skin. Sink your bare feet into the earth. Dive into icy water. Feel the wind in your hair. Make friends with spiders and snakes. Adopt a companion animal. Watch the sun rise and set. Breathe in moonlight and stars. Let the rain wash you clean. Eat food from the earth and realign with the elements.

Light a Fire—literally and metaphorically

Thousands of years ago fire was used not only for heat and protection but for ritual and ceremony. It served as a gathering place, as a tool for burning away impurity, a fuel for alchemy and creation. Bring this back into your life.

Build a fire pit.

Write down the things that are preventing you from living in your full power and truth and drop them in as an offering. Become mesmerized by dancing flames and glowing coals. Listen to the pops and crackles and embody the power at the center of the heat. Then ignite just as powerful a flame in your own heart. Discover your passion and fuel it with dreams and visions, with big ideas and the magic of hope. Let that inner fire light the way towards the life you want.

Cultivate a Community (but don’t fear seclusion)

A Priestess stands strong in the center of a group of like-minded people. She inspires others and draws inspiration from them as well. She knows that we exist for connection, and she craves that.

Choose carefully. Make sure your community is authentic, that you uplift each other. Wrap your arms around a friend who shares the struggles of her journey with you, and allow yourself to be held when your heart is breaking and your world is crumbling.

Feel the healing power of sisterhood as the divine feminine courses through you all. At the same time, allow yourself time to be alone. Seclusion is fuel for the fire in your heart. It allows you to listen to the wisdom of your own intuition so that your offering to the group is authentic and powerful.

Own Your Sexuality  

A Priestess is a powerful, sensual being, not because she cheapens her sexuality by giving it away frivolously, but because she knows its power and guards it wisely.

She is attractive because she knows her value and never barters it away with her body.

Connect with your beautiful, sensual nature by taking care of yourself. Let go of shame. Massage your skin with pure, organic oils and watch it glow with magical luster and radiance. Walk around naked in your home. Let your hips sway when you walk. Toss your hair back when you laugh. Strengthen your muscles. Stretch languorously like a cat.  Learn to love your body no matter how curvy, soft, or imperfect it may be.

When you feel desirable, everyone around you will feel it too. There is enormous power in this. Know it, and use it wisely.

Find a path to God and invite other people to join you on the journey

The primary role of a Priestess in ancient times was to lead people to Spirit, but you can’t be a guide until you have made the journey yourself.

Whatever that looks like for you, commit to it.

Create a “Sadhana,” a spiritual practice, that enriches and enlivens your soul, and use the fire you have ignited to adhere to it with unwavering discipline. Create rituals for yourself that keep you on the path. Seek the divine everywhere, even in the places that might seem profane. Know that once the veil of illusion lifts, everything becomes Holy. Then point that Holiness out to others. Help them see what you see. Let the light of Truth shine through your eyes so that others can find it in their own hearts.

It’s simple, really. Choose today to embrace your power and become the High Priestess you were meant to be!

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