May 16, 2014

Dance in the Wind. {Poem} ~ Jackie Tyler


Some trees behind my son’s school inspired me to write this poem.

It reminds me of somebody I know who is struggling in life and has lost their way.



You stand tall

yet your bows are bent and twisted,

gnarly and knotted,

they neither reach nor touch.

No leaves appearing.


What is wrong beautiful tree?

Why so bare?

Does the sap not rise

and pulsate through your limbs?

Does the sun not shine upon you

and inspire you to bud?


Dig deep statuesque tree.

Draw on the divine goodness

the earth holds for you.

Renew and be strong,

learn to dance once more in the wind.


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Apprentice Editor: Ola Weber/Editor: Rachel Nussbaum

Photo Credit: Pawel Pacholec/Flickr


Read 2 Comments and Reply

Read 2 comments and reply

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