May 6, 2014

Every Morning. ~ Zac Catone {Poem}

Photo: Phillip Campbell via Pixoto

Every morning I wake up, my heart hurts.

A recap of last night and my heart bursts.

It’s worse. Your silhouette burned into my head.

I just want to wake with you in my bed.

All my mistakes played out in a dream. No chance to renew, no pain to redeem.

Why can’t I keep you up my sleeve, this time when I wake up please don’t leave.

No worse reality than it was all a dream.

So I squeeze my eyes until they bleed, take me back I beg, I plead.

For one last scene of you and me. I hold on with all my might, a useless struggle against day and light.

One last kiss, hold me tight, lord let me sleep through day and night.

Hell or high water was all you wanted, now I’m alone, I’m a ghost, I’m haunted.

Forced to keep you in my dreams, wish you could see how much you mean.

Maybe one day it will be alright, and we’ll walk hand in hand in the light.

Until then I’ll keep you for the night. Just my dream girl and me tonight.

It could be okay dream girl.

It could be alright.


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Apprentice Editor: Kim Haas / Editor: Rachel Nussbaum

Photo: Phillip Campbell via Pixoto


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Read 1 comment and reply

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