May 4, 2014

I Thought I Saw You. ~ Kelly Nichols. {Poem}


Listen closely my dear friend…

Your heart… Nourished gently, by a flowing river of warmth,

Sweetly, it melodically beats.

Your breath… Comforting hums of a lifelong companion.

The one true friendship you never had to seek.

The essence of simply ‘being’ leaves little to do.

Listen closely my dear friend… Hear that?

The magic of life has been given to you.


Come closer dear friend…

I want to whisper something to your inner being.

“You understand what I am saying don’t you? Even if our friend isn’t wholly seeing”

The outside world is a kaleidoscope of colours,

Inconsistent… A chattering, merry-go-round of constant change.

Don’t pin your happiness on moving objects my dear friend.

The concept of reality is far beyond your visual range.

Trust your intuition my dear friend.

Listen… That’s right, to that little voice within.

Don’t pin your happiness on external objects my dear friend.

Inner happiness is where the truth begins.


Look closely my dear, dear friend…

Your dreams… Bound, only within the chrysalis of your mind.

Freedom… Mother Nature’s gift to embody,

Should you choose to live with purpose, the way life should be defined.

Grateful… To be fully present in this body, in this time.

Balance… To be in perfect harmony, the quintessential paradigm.

Don’t be scared my dear friend.

Hold compassion close to your heart and your wings will be set free.

That’s right… Fly high my dear, dear friend.

Live your life deliberately.


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Apprentice Editor: Jess Sheppard/Editor: Travis May

Photo Credit: Flickr

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