May 10, 2014

Lost My Mind to Find My Heart. ~ Jessica Brookes {Poem}

Photo: Priyank Jha via Flickr

Awoken one night sad,

So sad but didn’t know why.
I had a great job, great man, great life
There was no good reason to cry.

So I wondered what was lost
What it was I couldn’t find.
Turned back pages of my heart
Realised I’d actually lost my mind.

You see, I’d followed all the rules,
Had my costume, had my smarts,
But I’d been led by my mind
And stopped listening to my heart.

So that night when my heart spoke,
She said “Jess, you’re off the grid
And I hate to do it this way
but I’ve got to lift the lid.

You see you’re one lucky girl,
Good things can manifest
But please stop chasing money
And give that wine a rest!

You’ve got much more to offer
A world in turmoil and in need.
Do something more remarkable
Than simply supporting greed.

Go find some inspiration
Learn new cultures and new ways
See the colours of the faces
On this Earth to shift your gaze

Save me from your self doubt,
And love yourself once more.
I am your heart now, listen
Paint a picture you adore.

I will be your compass
Through struggles you will face.
Have faith that you’ll be happy
Live a life fulfilled with grace

Jess, here comes the hard part
You know, I know, you know,
The first part of this chapter
Is a time of letting go.

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Apprentice Editor: Kim Haas / Editor: Renée Picard

Photo: George Boyce via Flickr

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