May 11, 2014

No One like You. {Poem}

playground love

“Muse is a tyrant, it gets you out of bed in the twilight of the morning and forces you to create something.” ~ Mehmet Murat ildan

I beseech your soul into my bed

I want to undress it slowly

piece by piece

work through it’s walls of fear, resistance

“What if’s”

I want to shush it with my lips

Let it listen to the sound of my heart

Beating heavy in my chest


I want to kiss your wrist,


The left one

All the way along

To the beginning

And the end of beautiful


I want to wake up beside you

Drink coffee and kiss

I want to taste you

Yes, before we’ve even brushed our teeth

I’d like to make you strawberry pancakes


Peer over my shoulder as I humm and flip

Hold you, disheveled and undressed in my eyes.


I’d like to walk with you

Behind my cabin

In the woods

Where the birch trees grow tall

And whisper sweetly to the wind

I’d like to hold your hand- just for a little while.


I’d like to chop kindling for the morning fire

In just my rubber boots, wool sweater and underwear

Look through my window

And see you standing there


I yearn to lie beside you

In my favourite red flannel sheets

Feel your lips caress my shoulder

Your fingers hesitate shyly near my breasts


Pick me forget my knots from the garden

Left in yesterday’s coffee cup

Look up to see you laughing

sunshine speckles on your cheeks

As I scribble

Covered in ink


My soul speaks

Are you listening?

The very moment that I saw you

My heart leapt


My darling,

I’ll carry your heart here

I’ll hide it in the river

Share it with the stars

Offer it to the moon

Lie with it upon the moss


My soul stirs

As you graze my lips

Galaxies strewn about at our feet

this love is scarce

come lie with me for a little while.


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Editor: Renée Picard

Image: Bhumika Bhatia at Flickr 

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Read 4 comments and reply

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