May 8, 2014

Speechless. ~ Jeffrey Vionito {Poem}


Let us leave each other speechless.

Breath taken. Smile wide as sky.

Any shade of blue, paint it bright,

A reflection of the sun. Spill open,

Painted wings, a brush of feathers,

Fanning across this stage, stealing,

Every last word, instantly awakened,

Deeply, from space not of reaching,

But of being the hand and the brush,

Giving from essence, soft strokes,

Of compassion, gentle swirls of love,

A dotting burst of light, blending,

Blistering blot of bliss! Is! This!

So hard to make an easy choice, with

Thoughts of tomorrow and yesterday.

Come with me, inside this moment,

Let us take each other’s breath away.


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Apprentice Editor: Kathryn Muyskens / Editor: Rachel Nussbaum

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

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