May 6, 2014

Sun Sign Secrets: The Complete Astrology Guide to Love, Work & Your Future. ~ Jade Belzberg {Book Review}


I’ve always sworn that my astrological sign is dead-on.

After receiving Sun Sign Secrets: The Complete Astrological Guide to Love, Work & Your Future, by husband-wife duo Monte Farber and Amy Zerner, I’m even more sure­—from “Recognizing a Cancer,” to “Cancer in Love,” to “The Secret Side of Cancer,” it’s got me pegged.

That said, this book is an interesting guide even if you don’t find yourself relating to your astrological sign.

Additions that stray from the typical categories, like “Negative Traits” and “Positive Traits,” include short paragraphs explaining what your sign finds appealing in a first date and how to deal with the end of a relationship.

While each astrological sign occupies roughly 20 pages, I never found myself skipping sections. If, however, you’re strictly interested in which signs pair best with others, the layout of the book is concise enough that flipping to your sign and past a few pages is a breeze.

Additionally, the first page of each sign’s chapter includes a short profile detailing its planet, element, quality, season, colors and other corresponding traits.

The section following this, however, is perhaps the most intriguing and something I hadn’t seen in astrological guides: a “keywords” summary that incorporates adjectives associated with each sign. For example, some of Cancer’s keywords were “nurturing,” “fertile,” “clairvoyant” and “protective.”

A short history on the symbolic meaning of each sign is also within the first few pages of each chapter. For those more interested in the facts, the explanation is informative enough to warrant a look even for non-believers.

People who enjoy guessing family and friends’ signs will find “Recognizing a Cancer,” for instance, helpful:

”People who exhibit the physical characteristics distinctive of the sign of Cancer have expressive eyes, a round “moon-shaped” face, and soft skin. Every mood, emotion and fleeting response shows in the changing features of the sensitive Cancerian face. Those born under this sign are usually top-heavy, and their arms and legs tend to be long in relation to the rest of their body. They can often be on the plump side, especially later in life.”

For those who religiously turn to their weekly horoscope reading, you might be asking whether it’s worth a gander.

And it is.

I can’t speak for the accuracy of other signs, (although my brother nails Leo’s characteristic of extreme loyalty and my boyfriend exemplifies Taurus’ stubborn temperament more than any living bull) I can tell you that I related to most of Cancer’s profile.

If anything, reading Sun Sign Secrets is a fun way to learn more about yourself—or not, in which case you know who you aren’t.

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Joze Slanda May 7, 2014 2:03am

Sun Sign Astrology is not real astrology. It is very general and very vague. Real astrologers know that using only the Sun sign you are doing the lowest form of astrology. Real astrology, and real astrologers, show you that each chart is a snowflake and is very unique.

The idea that the billions of people on this planet can be pegged into twelve neat boxes is one of the reasons that astrology has such a hard time taking its true place in our culture.

Even very smart people like Neil deGrasse Tyson – who himself has never studied astrology – uses the nonsense of Sun Sign astrology to dismiss it as pseudo science. And he is right about that one thing. If Sun Sign astrology was the best astrology we had it would be nonsense and pseudo science. But it isn't.

Do your homework and find a real astrologer who knows what he or she is doing and get a real chart consultation of your own very unique chart done. Then you may know the magic of the stars and how they play into your life. Otherwise, don’t waste your money on another vague and superficial Sun Sign book.

Good luck on your journey.


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