May 9, 2014

Tame Down Your Inner B****. ~ Kat Gal

Warning: Contains naughty language!

Those into self-development or spirituality stuff, even just a little bit, have heard about the concept of the Ego—the force that is operating by fear and is holding us back.

We have heard that instead of Ego, we should listen to our Inner Guide or Heart or Soul to live our truth.

When thinking of my Ego, I like to call her my Inner Bitch. I could be kinder, but to be honest, she is simply just a bitch that wants to hold me back from my happy, healthy, love-filled and free life I desire.

Remember high school? There were the geeks, the athletes, the art crowd and all the others—yep, there was at least one bitch in every class.

Sometimes I think of the mind like high school full of crazy teenagers, and we all have some of each of them in us. There is an artistic self in everyone along with a shy little geek, but also a popular beautiful hottie, an energetic athlete, the always-curious and studious smart one, a people-pleaser, the organizer, a clown, our lazy class-skipper, the fun one, the “everyone’s friend” nice one…

…and then there is the bitch who is trying to ruin everyone’s fun.

Inner Bitch is the one who tells us every morning that we are fat, not good enough and should certainly not step outside with that pimple on our forehead.

She is the one who forces us to diet, then temps us with chocolate cake just to bring us down and guilting us for eating it.

Inner Bitch is the one who calls us a loser if we are not perfect or we stumble and brings us down at all times.

She doesn’t want our self-esteem to rise and is bothered by any moment of happiness.

Inner Bitch is only happy if we are sad or upset, and even then she wants to spin us around our misery. She is holding us back and holding us down.

I told you, she really is a bitch.

But what can we do about her? We can scream at her, yell, tear her hair out and show her our worst attitude. Likely this will only result in an inner cat fight which is anything but hot. We can try to ignore her or step over her, but it will likely piss her off even more and she will really get into “bitch-mode.”

Is there a way to win? We may wonder and this is a valid question.

The answer is yes—get to know you Inner Bitch and make friends with her.

Why is she such a bitch? What does she want?

Inner Bitch is guided by fear. She is holding all our past pain and future worry. She possesses all our hurt, all of our struggle, all our pain, all our doubt and all our worry. She is full of sadness. She is simply afraid. She is guided by fear and her function is the protect us. Yes, our Inner Bitch is simply trying to protect us from pain. She is holding us back in the hope to protect us from getting hurt.

Yes, Inner Bitch is actually coming from a place of protection and kindness. She is needed.

So let her know that she is needed. Understanding where Inner Bitch is coming from, accept her. Accept her for who she is and where she is coming from. Send her unconditional love. Hug her and welcome her into our life, because she is a part of us.

The more acceptance, kindness and love we show our Inner Bitch, the less of a bitch she will become. She will actually become kind. She will be a friend, a guide, a protector, and a supporter.

Look at ourselves as a holistic whole. Look at all parts of our body, mind and soul, and understand their function. Understand that everything, including all parts of our holistic being, has a reason to be. Accept and love all parts. This love will not only tame down Inner Bitch, but will create balance, peace, health and happiness in all areas of our lives.

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