May 13, 2014

The Beauty of Indian Food. ~ Michelle Handy


My odyssey into eating Indian food was more like the wobbling steps of an infant than the sheer exhilaration of a bungee-jumper.  

Ever since I started yoga, I was drawn to the Eastern lifestyle as so many other yogis are. Trying Indian food is the next best thing for those of us who can’t afford to abandon our current lives, sojourn to India and study under the masters for months.

I quickly learned the beauty of each meal. The recipes were so foreign to me that I took extra precaution to make sure it turned out alright. The first recipe I made was a batch of flatbreads with some spiced vegetables. I can remember staring at the turmeric wondering if I was doing this right. It’s amazing to see how a dish can transform with the use of a few, simple spices.

As I started to cook Indian food more frequently and research its health benefits, I couldn’t help but add more to my diet. The spices used in Indian cuisine are not only favorable but also good for you!  

Turmeric helps lower your risk for Alzheimer’s disease along with treating arthritis, heartburn, stomach pain, gas and diarrhea.  

Cardamom also has some great benefits that alleviate stomach and intestinal related ailments similar to turmeric.

Plus, cinnamon and cloves help spice dishes up and give them a richer taste than the bland, fast food we tend to down instead.  

Your palate begins to change when you add spices into your food. I began to appreciate the tastes of various dishes, allowing the mindfulness from my yoga practice to seep its way into my life more fully.

I’ve heard it said that life is beautiful. But mine  wasn’t until I took the time to knead the flatbread dough, until I felt it with every fiber of my being. Cooking is an art.  

I can still feel the dough in my hand. The patience and care that goes into food prep makes it an incredible yoga practice.

Imagine this: honoring your meal with the same honor you bestow on your practice’s intention. Showing the same kindness to your kitchen that you have when you show up on your mat. Sharing your meal with loved ones as you share your practice with fellow yogis all around the world. Satisfying your senses by spicing them up a little.

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Apprentice Editor: Sarah Qureshi/ Editor: Rachel Nussbaum

Photo: Clyde Robinson via Flickr


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