June 4, 2014

Guided By the Tarot. ~ Adam Crate

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Tarot cards arose from humble origins, emerging originally from Europe hundreds of years ago as a type of card game.

It wasn’t until the 1800’s that the occult got involved and the Tarot evolved into a means of divination.

Mystics and prophets referenced the images on the cards which gave birth to an entire mythology that focused on the past, present, and future of the human condition.

In the modern day, these cards provide a creative means of personal insight and a road map to the soul for those that are willing to invest their energy and imagination.

I use the tarot deck because it provides a unique opportunity for self-discovery.

It brings all of my subconscious thoughts to the surface and allows me to examine them one by one as they are laid out in front of me. Recurring thoughts or troubled spots become pronounced during a reading and, coupled with a calming meditation session, the knots of my soul can be unwound because I have the clarity to identify them.

The key to finding this kind of a connection is by allowing yourself to believe in the power of the cards.

Choosing a deck is critical because there are several options out there and each contain their own mythology. Regardless of the deck that is chosen, the more that you work with it the more familiar you will become with its archetypes.

I have been doing daily drawings with the Wildwood Tarot for nearly a year straight and that constant feeding of energy and thought into the deck has created a bond. A trust has been developed between the cards and my consciousness. I have some that are old friends and some that are nagging foes, who always tend to show up when the storms are about to arrive.

Tarot cards do not predict the future; instead, they summarize the present state of your reality.

What makes the tarot deck so versatile is that the interpretations are subjective.

Larger spreads are perfect for gaining perspective on the bigger picture while a daily drawing can provide deeper insight into everyday life.

Major milestones and even monthly cycles can be good chances to take a step back and review your place in the universe.

Even a single card can contain multiple ways of interpretation depending on the perspective of the reader’s mind.

The meaning only lies within the deck as much as you allow it to.

Drawing a few cards won’t turn us into prophets but it will provide a visible spectrum for the mind to playback all that it is pondering, consciously or not. The natural narrative that arises during a drawing is a small story compared to the grander scripture of our lives and yet it contains truth that might have otherwise been overlooked.

Through the tarot deck we are provided a reflection of the past, increased awareness of the present, and insight into the future.

It is because of all this—the reflection, the power, the flexibility—that the tarot deck is an integral part of my life. Why not consider making it part of yours?


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Photo: aquarian_insight/Flickr

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