June 13, 2014

I am Awesome! ~ Laura Ward


Funny Hug Myself Boy

Envision Festival 2014, Costa Rica.

Relaxing on a human jungle-gym net made of recycled tires, a seven-ish-year-old boy materializes and is climbing all around me, abound with energy, weaving his little body in and out of the tire circles. A miniature Peter Pan/Tarzan hybrid with wild yellow hair and no shirt.

I think to myself how cool this kid is, and we share glances and giggles.

A few minutes of this pass before the boy looks me straight in the eye and teaches me one of the most epic life lessons. He says, in the most confident and matter-of-fact tone:

I’m Awesome!

…I’m awesome, I’m awesome, I’m awesome,” he repeats as a song of sorts. Wriggling back and forth, as kids do.

It was a fact. This boy was awesome. He knew it with not one doubt in his brain. My mind was blown. So simple, yet so profound. His confidence rocked my world. We are awesome. Why is it so easy to get jumbled up in mind-stuff and forget?

My fairy tarzan angel frittered away someplace to continue a life of awesome and left me thinking about what my “I am _____” statements are, and how I define myself.

These statements construct our reality. They are powerful spells that create what is to come.

I invite you to consider what “I am _____” statements you choose to run your life by. Today—I am wonder, I am kind, and I am abundant.

I often think of this boy when I am feeling low or down on myself, indulging various negative “I am _____” default statements—I am not good enough, I am afraid, I am unworthy, etc. He reminds me these things are not even true.

He nudges me to pick myself up and remember that I am awesome.

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Photo: Barbara Martin Pixoto

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