June 30, 2014

The Best Is Not Yet to Come, It Is Right Now. ~ Crystal Bright

Crystal Bright

Right now, we are living the very best day, surrounded by the very best people that are perfect for us.

We can choose to believe this perspective or not but it is up to us. We can wait for an inevitable future or really live in this moment.

This is the only moment.

This “now” moment is the only moment we should be living in. 

It is all very normal as we go about our busy lives, to think about the past or look towards the future. Taking the time to truly feel life is about experiencing the fullness of the “now” moment that we are always in.

It is not that we shouldn’t plan ahead or enjoy our memories. What we can do is set our intention and let it go so we can focus on this moment.

There are many ways we can start living in the moment:

1. Follow our impulses.

Listening to our impulses is a natural way of existing. Everything happens in perfect timing and synchronicity when we trust our gut.

Anytime I have followed the most exciting or happy thought I could imagine, I have gotten the impulse to do something that was exciting and enjoyable to me. The more moments we spend like this, the happier existence for everyone around us, too.

2. Take an interest in everything.

There is a way to be fascinated with each and every thing when we really stop to “smell the roses.”

When listening to a song, really admire the instruments, voices and technical work put into putting the piece together.

When outdoors, feel the air and enjoy the breeze.

When watching television, take time to appreciate the work put into the writing or producing and the actors’ dedication and efforts put to their characters.

3. Judge less.

When we see someone and jump to a conclusion about them, it is coming from a past experience that we may or may not be fond of.

Treat people as individuals.

People are constantly changing, so try not to apply past experiences when we meet someone new. Even with people we know well, do not let the past effect the way we treat them; embrace them with love and acceptance.

We are living in the “now” and that’s the only moment that matters.

It helps to pick a day and say yes to everything! If this was your first day on earth you wouldn’t know what to say no to. Maybe it is time to gain a new perspective on something you’re already familiar with.

4. Make connections as often as possible.

An easy way to put ourselves in a moment is when we are connecting with another thing or person.

Have you ever spent time with someone and never realized how much time had passed? That’s because you are so consumed in the moment that the illusion of time seems accelerated. Even when something happens so fast but it seems like time has slowed just for that moment, it is another way living in the moment can feel like it has altered time.

Something as simple as smiling at someone walking by, or  at the person in the car stopped beside you. Touching and adoring our pets, our partners, kids, and even our plants.

The more senses we can focus our attention on, the more in the moment we are living.

Living in the moment will make life more enjoyable and fun.

Mundane things like chores will come naturally with ease. Stress levels will lower. You will even start taking better care of yourself.

Just give it a try and see what happens.

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