July 21, 2014

An Intimate Introduction. ~ Teryn Concagh {Poem}

sun fingers hand touch

Go Beyond
The Layers of Judgement
of Fear

Relax into Your Truth
What’s There?
As Your Eyes Breathe
The Essence of You
Pulsating the Depths
Of Your Being
What’s Underneath?
Past the Emotions
You Cling to
Skipping the Beats
You Move to
To the Stillness
Where Your Heart
Rhythmically Dances
To the Needs of Your Function
Past that Point
To an Intimate Introduction
At a Level
Never Seen Before
The Tears
The Laughs
The Screams
Irrelevant to Your Truth
Not Defining You
From Your Thoughts
Pure Silence
No Description
No Feeling
Stripped to the Layer of Being
You Just Are
Not Moving, Nor Still
Not Black, Nor White
Not Happy, Nor Sad
You Just Are
I am


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Editor: Catherine Monkman

Photo: Michael Gil/Flickr

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