July 26, 2014

Ingredients for Girls’ Night.

finger friends

We all need a tribe.

A posse, a group we are a part of.

We need men’s nights, mixed gendered nights, alone nights, unspecified sexes nights, humans getting together nights.

We need girls’ nights.


Liberating souls.

The friends whose eyes we can look into and see something deeper, especially because they look us in the eye when they talk to us. The ones who know us and call us out on our shit and see through our excuses. Those who take our faults and wrap them up in the love and warmth and encouragement that seeps out of them. The ones that help us see who we really are.

A space.

With cushions and flat spots for teacups. With a fire if it’s winter, or blankets to cuddle under. A place with screens to keep out the mosquitos but where we can still see and wonder at the stars.


Movement. Body engagement. Because sharing moments with the intent to connect can be felt all the more deeply when all of the senses are enlivened. We experience our senses with our bodies. What’s it like to dance out the taste of ginger? Or see a melody? Or fully exist in a space with complete awareness?

A theme.

Try clothing swap—cull the closet prior and bring a basket for the door to leave your inhibitions in. Watch clothes fly as everyone tries on everything and the person who looks the most fabulous in something takes it home.

Or a food preservation night—take a poll to see who has knowledge of the ancient art of canning. Bring mason jars and berries and see what concoctions emerge. Bonuses: go fruit-picking the day before; results make fabulous birthday, solstice, because-it’s-Tuesday gifts.

Or a therapy session—where we all bring what’s happening and what’s real and open a space of acceptance and authenticity. Where we can honour a pain-filled situation and then see the person inflicting pain in the grocery store tomorrow and treat them with dignity and love regardless of their part to play.


Or drink. Or jello. Or s’mores. Something to put time and energy into. Prepare it beforehand so that the night itself is made extra special by the power of intentions put in long before the gathering time.

Mix thoroughly. Adjust spices to taste. Allow plenty of time to set. Make often.



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          Editor: Emily Bartran

          Photo: Flickr / Juliana Coutinho

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