July 8, 2014

Make Your Skirt Bikeable! ~ Sue Adair



The horror of showing your undies starts on the playground in grammar school.

Let’s face it, most women don’t have the confidence that Marilyn Monroe had with her skirt.

So, how do we enjoy wearing a pretty skirt or dress and continue to commute by bicycle? The video below is Johanna Holtan’s brilliant solution to riding your bike and  wearing your skirt without flashing the world when you mount, ride and dismount your bicycle.


Penny In Yo Pants from Johanna Holtan on Vimeo.

Best of all, you only need a coin and a rubber band! Or you can purchase Johanna’s product here. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of the product will be donated to the Afghanistan’s women’s cycling team.

I love it when somebody thinks of a solution to a problem where everyone wins!


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Editor: Travis May

Photo: Nick L via Flickr

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Sue Adair

In the first half of her life, Sue Adair successfully raised her four amazing children while managing to keep her sanity working in the corporate world. The second half of her life is blue sky. Sue enjoys making things with her hands, especially spinning yarn, knitting and cooking. Visit her blog about simplifying here.