August 23, 2014

5 Keys to be Where You Are on the Way to Where You’re Going. ~ Cortney Overstreet


Have you ever felt discontent or disinterested in a situation and longed for a change or something new?

Perhaps you’re in a job that pays the bills but it’s not a passion and you long for a new role that feels more fulfilling. Or maybe you are in the midst of working towards a new goal or project; it’s not totally manifest yet and it’s just hard to be where you are presently, waiting and wondering.

While this in-between place can feel uncomfortable, it can indeed be conquered. In this space lies an opportunity to master how to be present in two seemingly different or conflicting situations which is a foundational key to contentment.

Being able to toggle back and forth from the current situation to thoughts regarding where you want to be or what you want to create is much easier when you are centered, even if it doesn’t feel ideal. Just like the metal pole that stays stationary as the tetherball winds around it in different directions, so too must we be grounded and unmoved by the noise of distraction, frustration and irritation.

Here are five keys to help you find peace with where you are on the way to where you are going:

1. Appreciate It:

Instead of diminishing any aspect about the current situation, find things to appreciate about it. For example, if you long to leave your current job, instead of affirming your dislike of it, the people or the pay, honor its manifestation because at one time, it was a gift.

Maybe it was an answered prayer or something you put a lot of effort into in order to have the experience. While it may not resonate with you as much anymore, honor it for coming to you, for in some capacity at one time, it had something you wanted. Maybe it’s a means for preparing you for where you want to be. Give it some credit.

2. Resist Not:

Accept the things you don’t like about the current situation. As we make peace with what is, acceptance moves in and kicks resistance out of your inner living space. Thank what you don’t like for coming up and revealing itself to you; for knowing what you don’t like gives you the empowerment of clarity about what you do want. When resistance goes, the ego gets kicked to the curb and it’s more palatable to just be. No fighting. No uphill climb. No swimming against the current. Just presence in the midst of what is.

3. Be Proactive:

Make a list of both the characteristics and the feelings you want to experience in the new situation. What does this new role or new experience feel like to you? Do you feel lighter and more fulfilled? How are you treated? What aspects of you are valued? What can you now give that you couldn’t before? What characteristics does it have? Ask God, the Universe, your Angels—whatever greater force resonates with you—for help and support in being where you are now, in creating the new, and in being present in this transition phase.

4. Got Trust?:

Trust in the cosmic universal law that life changes and transforms. “Change is the only constant,” as the ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus said. Rest in the assurance that all things are temporary, which frees you to be in a non-ideal environment because you are confidently aware it’s not static.

Remember too, that when the new opportunity or situation presents itself, it may have a shelf life. Its rose will have thorns and that’s okay. Trust that it’s coming, just as the current situation came, and it will be aligned with the proactive list you created in the highest and best good for everyone involved. Having trust means you have unanswered questions of who, what, where, when and how.

5. Get Ready:

Allow the Universe to respond to your shift in energy and focus. By letting go of your discontentment, trusting that the changes are occurring, and aligning with your list of characteristics and feelings about the subject, you’ve changed your energy which impacts what can now show up in your world.

As you decide that transformation is now established, there is room for greater ease to seep into the whole experience and for you to be where you are now with greater peace. Sometimes the current situation will change on its own in adjustment to your energy shift and sometimes a new opportunity will arise. Either way, you can be sure it is the response for which you’ve been waiting. Even though it may not be on your time table.

Remember to, “Rinse and Repeat” as needed. Whenever you feel triggered to feel discontentment, panic or worry, repeat these steps as often as you need to. Give yourself gentle reminders or “spirit breaks” throughout the day as a proactive way to maintain your optimum balance.



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