August 25, 2014

A Moment Love Composed. ~ Stephanie Gauthier {Poem}

lovers couple art drawing

My eyes are wide open.

Mind, body, spirit; I’ve been jolted awake.
Only god knew you’d be so good.
Time was of the essence, yet still I can’t let go.

I wander aimlessly through the halls of our memories.
I roam into rooms where you fed me your love.
I’m a nomad.
A nomad of love.

I drifted into your paradise; drank your glory too.
Intoxication fills my soul.
No one else compares; nothing else will do.

We live in worship.
Adoring each other.
Please father; please forgive us.
We care not what we do.

Daunting memories.
Filled with brilliant shining light.
Lying naked on stars.
Our lovemaking flowed on, and on.
Well into the night we borrow time—
While we engraved love into one another’s hearts.

Until the end of days the memory of you will shine like sunlight—
Dancing sunshine through my heart.
Forever I will recall you to mind.
Forever I will see the color red smiling back at me.

I will remember your voice like lightening.
Your sparkle like romance will haunt me,
Taking me on adventures that only you can.
Until the day I die, and then again through eternity.

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Editor: Catherine Monkman

Photo: László Nagy/Pixoto

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