August 14, 2014

Clouds in Your Tea: Darkness Heals.

lake, sky, and clouds

It seems depression and darkness are in the news a lot lately.

I’ve been wandering around in a low-grade funk myself, feeling overwhelmed by the deaths in the Middle East, Iraq, Syria, West Africa, Los Angeles… Barring attending peace vigils and writing articles like these, I have no idea what to do but hurl myself into the storm and ride it out.

While going through some files today, I came across this recent dream:I am in a circle of healers, generating energy that will be used to remedy damage done to the earth and all its inhabitants. I sit in the circle among all the others, allowing Spirit to move through me, filling me with the power of healing that I will then add to the collective, when the time comes.

Soon the leader of the circle calls to each of us to transfer the healing energy we are channeling into the center, which will then be disbursed to and through the earth. One by one, each healer sends his or her energy into the center of the circle.
But there’s a big problem. I realize that the energy I am filling with is dark. A deep grey cloud, flattened into a sheet above my head. There is only one triangular corner of the sheet that is light. I know I cannot override what Spirit is giving me and expand the lightness to eliminate the darkness.
My turn is coming up in the circle. How can I allow myself to put this horrific energy into the healing pool? What am I going to do?
I wake up.

Now, a good dream analyst would have me look at the metaphor. A cloud over my head. I get it. I’m going through some rough times lately. But don’t we all at some point? That’s life, right?

Then it hit me and I really woke up: Darkness is healing.

Life isn’t going to be sparkly rainbows and unicorns all the time. We can actually learn from the tough times—and the darkness within us. In fact, that darkness is essential for balance in existence.

If I had pooled my dark cloud into the healing circle, I would have brought the energy that it provides—the magnificently terrifying. The ruthless, bloody-toothed warrior. Kali energy, tongue extended, lapping up the egos of the crushed bodies beneath her feet. In short, the stuff that isn’t very polite to show in public, but exists within us nonetheless. An aspect of the multi-dimensional human shadow.

I invite you to make some tea and ask at least one aspect of your Self that frightens you to share a loving cup. Create your own healing pool that involves your own light and dark. Let the rainbow dance through the storm cloud.

Healing yourself heals the planet. Good luck. Hanta yo!


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