August 9, 2014

Going Crazy Is The Most Sane Thing To Do. ~ Michele Collier

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Going crazy is the most sane thing to do.

What other choice is there in an insane world?

Sometimes jumping up and down while waving your arms and shouting at the sky is the most reasonable thing to do. This can be the beginning of your awakening.

How can we not be crazy when the world is upside down—when the things that are acceptable and normal are actually insane? How do we cope with the insanity that is rampant in the world.

We can drink or drug ourselves to escape. We can shop and numb ourselves with material wealth or possessions. We can bury our heads in the sand and be in denial, which is the most potent drug of all.

But eventually the truth comes calling. It cannot be denied forever.

What is this truth that we try so hard to numb away or deny? The truth that we are trying to deny is that we are greater than we allow ourselves to believe. That our souls are perfect. That our souls are whole. The truth is that we are in denial of our own divinity.

We have forgotten our souls.

Our souls stand waiting for us to remember. We have an inner longing for wholeness but since we live in a world that is upside down, everywhere we look, we see evidence to the contrary.

Everywhere we look we see evidence that we are imperfect and weak and in need of some kind of saving. We are taught that we need a big house, beautiful clothes or a perfect lover to prove that we are worthy and whole. We are taught that we must be intelligent and attractive to be successful. We are taught that it is normal to strive and struggle in life to “make it.”

Being worried and fearful is also normal and acceptable. Worry is accepted as a normal activity.and is even confused with doing something. We are encouraged to worry. All of these normal cultural, societal and religious beliefs, cause a lot of frenetic activity

in each of us to try to become “perfect” or get “it right.” Society, religion and commercialism all come with something for us to either buy or believe in that will cure us of our supposed flaws. And we work ourselves into a frenzy trying to get things right.

And one day, in our frenzy, we stop and we go crazy.

We throw our heads back and shake our fists at the sky. And we shout. We want all of the madness to stop.

And we wake up. And we remember our wholeness and our perfection.

We remember that we are not our possessions or our personalities or our accomplishments. We remember that we are not our beliefs or our educations. We remember our souls.

And suddenly we look crazy to the world when we realize that we are already perfect. The world has been in denial for so long that we look crazy when we say that we do not need to go outside of ourselves to find anything.

We seem crazy to the world when we remember our souls and announce that we are perfection and purity itself. We seem crazy to the world when we say that we are divine. And we look crazy to the world when we tell others that they are divine and perfect too.

But though we seem crazy, we have peace. And we have joy. And our joy becomes palpable. And it radiates from us and creates a ripple effect. And one by one, soul by soul, the world wakes up.



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Editor: Emily Bartran

Photo: martinak15/Flickr

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