August 23, 2014

Intention. ~ Megan Ridge Morris {Poem}


Often late,
yet calm, when she arrives.
As if she knows something
about time
that the rest of us don’t.

Her long, jet black hair
is messy and wild,
with colorful embroidery floss
tightly wrapped
around loose strands.

She smiles big with her teeth
and bright through her eyes.
Her movement is
Sexy, Graceful and Strong.

She has ambition
and she’ll do anything
without stopping
to question,
“Why shouldn’t I have it all?”

She knows how to work.
She knows how to rest.

She doesn’t brag or crow
about her many adventures.
Instead, she listens…
She listens…

As if I am telling
The Best Story Of All Time.
Every Time.

She bravely embodies Spirit,
radiating beauty and light
from the inside—out.



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Editor: Travis May

Photo:  Shelby Cross/Pixoto

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