August 26, 2014

It’s Not the Hamas, It’s Us. ~ YoHana Bat Adam

Author's Own (YoHana Bat Adam)

I made the videos below in the beginning of August 2014, while the war in Israel and Gaza was at its peak.

It’s the first time in my life that I’ve experienced a war in my country when I am not there.

I am living in California with a special artist visa, sharing my art with people who are ready to receive my message:Consciously Loving My Neighbor as I Love Myself.”

You know how they say we need to love our neighbor as we love ourselves?

How do we do that?

My mission as a “Heartist” is to teach how to consciously love and consciously create a world of beauty, creativity and unity between all people.

We are taught to hate and be motivated by fear.

When there is a spark of love, we are not taught how to keep it alive and make it bigger.

It’s possible by knowing “Conscious Love.”

One of the pillars of my teachings, while walking on the path of awakening, is that everything that happens in my external world is a mirror to my internal world.

Thus, the war in Gaza reflects my internal conflicts.

I look at the world in the same way that I see my body.

There are different forces, pulling me in different directions. Israel and Gaza are two of their names.

If you are a light worker, you probably know that you are not the internal movements you observe in you, right?

With that understanding, I made the videos.

I cannot blame, shame, guilt, judge or criticize any of the sides.

I am a Heartist and I create “Conscious Love” as the creator is a part of me.

You can do it as well, as source energy is in you.

It all depends on how tired you are from your Ego.

Israel today is the same as me when I started my journey 21 years ago.

As a body, she is so frustrated and aggressive, so torn inside, so much inner conflict, guilt, pain and beauty. I don’t know the Hamas but I imagine that they have their own frustration, aggression, conflict and beauty.

We all have the same needs. To love, to be understood, to be accepted and to live in peace and harmony.

The tragedies began when the strategies we used were harming to all sides.

The bottom line is that I am for the One Conscious Love.

I give preference to anybody that prioritizes connection, collaboration and Conscious living. In the world that I live in, the only killing I know is the killing of the Goliath within me.

The world is also heading in this direction. That’s why there is so much chaos.

There is a lot of pain before labor.

Its not the Hamas it’s us.

As I see and experience it, the real work of art is creating the connection between us. Once we do that, we’ll realize how much value we can enthusiastically give to the Hamas. We can use the presence of this organization in our lives to choose between the options of dying or living.

The War in Israel is a New Beginning

The present war in Israel is a good opportunity to see, observe and decide how to continue.

The external war in Israel is like the internal war within me. Conflict of opposing forces that take me in different directions can be observed with full divided attention to all parties. The same energy that I used in the past for self destruction, blame, anger, violence and aggression can be used for presence and connection with Self. It’s all a matter of scale.

The inner work must be done on an individual level and it will spread to a national and international level.


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