August 2, 2014

Moments of Douchebaggery & a Love Letter From a Friend. ~ Jess Sheppard

courtesy Jess Sheppard

Warning: f-bombs in your near future. 

I know that I can sometimes be a douchebag.

And I’m sorry for when I’m hard to deal with.

But I so appreciate all you’ve done, do, and will do in the future. In good times and in those trying moments. Those that leave you literally speechless. Dumbfounded. Saying, “What the fuck?!”

I fully get I can be a pain. One that screams in your face, “Why?!” With no logical explanation.

But know that if I’m that passionate in moments of douchebaggery, I will be equally passionate in moments of pure love.

The kind of love that screams in your face, “Why?!” (in the very best way).

I will fiercely protect you. And come to your aid—unwanted or not—growling support and spitting mad.

I will ensure you are never wanting for anything I can (legally) make happen.

Those moments when you are trying to be your strongest and only one more moment of misplaced thoughts will break you—I will be there with superglue and a magnum of wine (or an ice cold bottle of vodka).

And I will put you back together again, after you’ve fully fallen apart. Because everybody needs to fall apart sometimes and being able to do it knowing you’re safe and that love follows you makes it that much easier.

But I promise also to be there when you can not stop smiling. When you get good news. When you have a moment—oh glorious happy—when life has handed you everything you asked for and needed.

Because when your heart is full and soaring mine roars. And there are few things louder than that.

For in those moments of sheer emotion—on any part of the spectrum—know I will love you.

I will love you.

You of the broken smile.

You of the fearless, aching heart.

You of the bubbling disbelief in the joy in small things.

Like a love letter from a friend.

These things. These moments. These glimpses, and hopes (yes even the heart breaking ones) I promise to you.

Because without them we are lost.

We need to hear and know these things, and that support and love follow us and all we need do is ask.

And if asking proves too hard (let’s be honest we’ve all been there), then simply wait.

Because I will find you.

Your silent-ask put forth to the universe will guide me. And when our eyes meet I’ll know—I’ll envelope you and do the things only echoing hearts will understand and help you know how important and loved you are.

That in this minute nothing is more precious.

Despite my occasional lapses into douchebaggery.



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Editor: Travis May

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Read 2 comments and reply

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