August 27, 2014

Music that Makes You(r Yoga Class) Cooler. ~ Christina Scalera

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You are in a yoga class.

You have rolled out your mat. If you are anything like me, you are one of the last students in, bogged down by the weight of the day (read: heinous traffic on the way over) and trying (failing) not to make a grand entrance right in the middle of the first OM.

Or maybe you are the opposite of me, and you got there early. You look like a Snow White waiting to get kissed by a prince in a little pre-class Savasana.

Or even better, you are something in between that is totally and uniquely you.

No matter who you are, you are here. You have made it to your mat. Now it is up to the teacher to guide your journey for the next hour or so, and this better be a damn good journey.

Teachers, now it is your turn to provide the ambience that lifts and elevates your students to where they want to be.

One of the best ways to set the tone for a class is through music. A great soundtrack makes class an experience. Hearing flutes and Todd Norian for the third time that week makes class…well, boring. (Sorry, Todd.)

Here are 21 songs to add to your playlist today, guaranteed to leave your students asking: “What was that song playing when I walked in?!”

1. Tongues (ft. Kopps) by Joywave

Best for: Peak Poses

Mood: Silly, Playful

2. Beyond the Valley of the Three White Horses by Andrew Bird

Best for: Savasana

Mood: Longing, Mischievous

3. Back in the World by David Gray

Best for: Warm Up

Mood: Nostalgic, Wistful, Hopeful

4. Hideaway by Kiesza

Best for: Building Heat; Strenuous Holds

Mood: Powerful, Introspective

5. Cool You Off by EDX

Best for: First Flows After Warm Up

Mood: Compelling, Persistent

6. Jacqueline (Chill Mix) by Rodg

Best for: Sun Salutations, Finding Rhythm in Flow Sequences

Mood: Reflective, Pensive

7. Obedear by Purity Ring

Best for: Finding Rhythm in Flow Sequences

Mood: Elevating, Vibrational

8. Pacific by Goldroom

Best for: Savasana, Cool Down

Mood: Dreamy, Contemplative

9. Ready for Your Love (ft. MNEK)

Best for: Warm Up, Flow Sequences

Mood: Energetic, Intense

10. Stolen Dance by Milky Chance

Best for: Building to peak poses, Warmup

Mood: Confident, Carefree

11. Waves (Robin Schulz Radio Edit)

Best for: Warm Up, Backbends

Mood: Joyful, Flirty, Uplifting

12. Another Love by Tom Odell

Best for: Cool Down, Savasana

Mood: Reminiscent, Melancholy

13. Got to My Head by Waters

Best for: Building Up to Difficult Poses

Mood: Defiant, Determined, Triumphant

14. Cabin by the Sea by The Dirty Heads

Best for: Warm Up, Cool Down

Mood: Congenial, Laid Back

15. Step Off by Kacy Musgraves

Best for: Cool Down

Mood: Thought Provoking, Empowered

16. White Winter Hymnal (Fleet Foxes Cover) by Kina Grannis

Best for: Warm Up

Mood: Luminous, Haunting

17. I Stand Alone by Theophilus London

Best for: Maintaining Difficult Flow

Mood: Dynamic, Self-Assured

18. Sunrise by Slaptop

Best for: Building Heat

Mood: Quirky, Boisterous

19. I Like You by SJ

Best for: Cool Down

Mood: Charming, Romantic

20. Habits by Tove Lo

Best for: Warm Up

Mood: Resilient, Tenacious

21. Touch by Meddz

Best for: Peak Poses

Mood: Frisky, Buoyant

Use these sparingly, or all at once.

Play a song you would not normally pick out yourself. Surrender to whatever comes up with this new playlist. Try it on. See how your butt looks in it. You can always take it back if the fit is off. But most importantly, see how your students respond. See how they enjoy the Experience you create for them.


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Editor: Catherine Monkman

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