August 2, 2014

Pretty, Please. ~ Katie Lamie {Poem}

Defenceless by Natalia Drepina

Sometimes pretty feels
like the farthest thing away

So I try to fake it with
that lacy dress
or a kickass hair day

I look for pretty
in the lining
of my makeup case
in stitches sewn into
two-hundred dollar denim

“Pretty, please?” I think.

Enough already.
What else
do I have to prove?

Pretty is
after all
gorgeously elusive.

I should know.
I chased her for years.

But I want to go back now
And find myself
At the parties

And stare myself in the eyes
And take back
All of my beauty.

Pick it up
off the table.
right there
in plain sight,

Waiting for me to see
Pretty never fit right
for a reason.

I was beauty.


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Apprentice Editor: Carrie Marzo/Editor: Travis May

Photo: Natalia Drepina / Pixoto

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