August 19, 2014

Should I Shave or Should I Grow Now? Please Vote. ~ Michael Mark {Poem}

Hairy chest

In yoga I have the most hair

I see guys in the locker room

They all grow it down there

But their chests are shiny, bare


(BTW I am discreet, I don’t stare)


They have it on their heads and legs

But their backs are smooth as blown glass

As a matter of genetics

Mine roams freely, some on my ass


What is going on with these yogis

Someone tell me, please

I’m lost in the woods

The lone tree in winter with all its leaves


I do hot yoga

We swim in our sweat like a pool

Is hairless best for practice?  ‘Cause to

Queens guys hot waxing is not cool


I could see it’s sexier not shedding

And easier for teachers to adjust you

When you’re not like a gorilla they’re petting

Hands on springy curls spraying your sweating


Man is born hairy for protection

But we’ve evolved from the wooly caveman

Today I’m a yogi Buddhist vegetarian

Jesus Yahweh Allah Buddha give me direction


I’m afraid the salon will change how I see me

But It sucks keeping my shirt on in 100 degrees

It makes my mindful asanas feel like torture

My confidence is drowning in its own moisture


Living in Cali now—seems slick dudes rule

I’m happily married—don’t need to make girls drool

I just don’t want to be the one hairy fool



like the Clash sang:

“Should I shave 

or should I grow now?

If I shave there could be stubble

If I grow the hairs will double.”


I must take a stand

Not like a sheep following a trend

So be honest, be a yogi’s friend

Get baaaack to me, what you recommend!


In the comments below

Please vote which way do I go?

“Shave,” or “Grow.”



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Editor: Emily Bartran

Photos: Tony Noto/Pixoto




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michael Sep 1, 2014 4:50pm

danielle – Wow, 'sexy beastness' – you are very convincing. Thanks for reading and writing such great imagery!

danielle Aug 31, 2014 5:54am

you're not doing yoga all the time, sometimes your woman might want to run her hand through your sexy beastness and grasp you with it. Let it go, let it grow!

Hot yogi Aug 23, 2014 6:09am

How about finding a happy medium? A quick trim with an electric trimmer is no hassle and lets you keep it short but not shaved. No stubble but no gorilla. I don't think it's a question of superficiality but more of comfort. If I don't trim I sweat much more but if I shave I get irritated skin and I feel the stubble when my body slides on the mat.

– Hot Yoga dude (ne who practices hot yoga, not a good looking dude who practices yoga) who relates

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Michael Mark

Michael Mark bows to all his Teachers. He is a hospice volunteer and long distance walker. His poetry has been published in Red Booth Review,Every Day Poets, Scapegoat, Camel Saloon, OutsideIn Magazine, The Thing Itself, Silver Birch Press, elephant journal, The New Verse News, Word Soup End Hunger and other nice places. He invites you to follow him on @michaelgrow so he can follow you, in case he gets lost.