August 12, 2014

Thanks for All the Laughs. ~ Ruth Lera


The shock of someone I know so well but actually don’t know at all dying suddenly.

That is what I feel right now.

Robin Williams is dead.

And it’s like I know him so well. But of course, I don’t. This is what it means to be famous—but also to be talented.

Robin Williams brought us so many laughs, literally millions or at least too many to count.

Just sitting here this moment—taking in the fact that this powerful actor and comedian who has touched me so many times is gone—I realize that I can’t actually separate Robin Williams from the characters he played.

Was it Robin Williams or the character Patch Adams who taught us the power of humor to heal? Was it Robin Williams or the teacher John Keating in Dead Poet’s Society who challenged us to Carpe Diem?

I really don’t know. And does it matter?

Right this moment—as it is sinking in that Robin Williams is dead—we might not be laughing.

But soon, maybe as soon as clicking on the link below we will see Robin Williams’ signature smile again and remark to ourselves at the immensity of his creativity, his uncontrollable authenticity and his natural ability to goof about.

And we will miss him and we will thank him for all the laughs.



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