August 23, 2014

The 7 Deadly Catsins. ~ Brenna Fischer {Art Work}


We are all familiar with the Seven Deadly Sins but a game designer named Marija Tiurina thought they could use a twist…and cats.

She teamed up with a company called NeonMob that specializes in digital collecting, “A free, modern twist on an age-old pastime.”

It’s exactly what it sounds like. From what I can tell people sign onto the site and collect pieces of art work they like…digitally.


Regardless, the reimagining of the Seven Deadly Sins has never been so spot on. I mean what other creature on the planet is more likely to succumb to them than our very cute, definitely spoiled and sometimes egotistical (with just a pinch of arrogance) house cats?


In fact, I think just today my cat has covered all seven sins. Let’s see. She executed a sneak attack on our dog when she wanted attention (envy), yelled/meowed persistently at me to give her more food even though the bowl was full (gluttony and wrath), and laid across my computer and stuck her butt in my face attempting a nap while I type this (greed, pride, sloth). I guess the only one she missed was lust, but there’s always tomorrow.


Tiurina says that some of her motivation stems from the otherwise fantastical and boring art work that comes up on a Google search. I have to say, if nothing else, she has definitely changed that.

This is not Marija’s only project, if you want to see more of her reimaginings check out her website.



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Editor: Renée Picard

Photos: Imgur


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