September 10, 2014

5 Ways to Help Create Peace in Our Lives. ~ Nigel Walker

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A friend recently asked me why I practice yoga.

I told her I practice to “feel normal.” She laughed and said, “We practice yoga to find peace with each other.” That answer really got me thinking. Maybe feeling normal was my way of saying feeling peaceful… still. Yoga is just one way to find that inner stillness.

I decided to jot down a few of my favourite things that help me every day.

1. Exercise Daily

 Whether going for a walk, hitting up a gym or local yoga studio, getting exercise daily is one of the best ways to calm nerves and ease mental and emotional tension. The endorphins released during exercise are the perfect recipe for a peaceful day!

Sometimes all we need is a change in perspective.

2. Foster Meaningful Relationships

Whether at home or at work, or even at the grocery store, we interact with people every day. Learn to open up to people, and have the courage to be vulnerable. We’ll find ourselves connecting with people in our lives in a deeper way, which leads to more meaningful relationships.

Don’t be afraid to reach out for support when it’s needed most.

3. Do What Energizes You

Start paying attention to what energizes us versus what drains us. Learning to notice how we feel energetically after interacting with someone, eating a certain type of food, or being in a specific environment can help us make better choices in the future.

Surround yourself with people who leave you feeling on top of the world.

4. Learn to Prioritize: The Big Three rule

Creating peace in our lives means learning to distinguish between what’s important and what isn’t. That’s where The Big Three comes in: Each day, write down three (yes, just three!) things to accomplish. Do the same at the beginning of each week, month and year. This allows us to break our bigger goals into smaller ones. Having three goals we can accomplish is so much more rewarding than having ten and only doing four.

The big three rule will leave you feeling positive and in control.

5. Learn to Say “No” (and yes, at the right times!)

Ever find yourself committed to all kinds of things or people you aren’t really interested in? Learning to say “no” is a practice we all need to learn. That way, when we say “yes,” people will know we mean it.

Learning to say no to things that don’t serve you will create space for what you really want in your life.

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