September 19, 2014

8 Ways to Take Control & Kick A** in Life. ~ Jessica Sandhu

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“The noblest search is the search for excellence.” ~ Lyndon B. Johnson

Looking for ways to take control of life and actually be kick ass at it, too? Look no further!

Sometimes things can seem out of control. Yet, we forget that we can take the steering wheel of our life and, in fact, direct ourselves to rock steady landing. Every day there is a fresh chance to makes things amazingly better for ourselves by our choices and by enacting ways of being to make life kick ass.

This simple list is not about gaining material items or money. It’s about creating the feeling of being kick ass and gaining control of life in a way that makes you love yourself all the way to the bone. Oh my!! Let’s get started!

Here are 8 simple ways to kick ass in life:

1. Find out what you really want and what you need. What makes you tick?

Don’t settle for anything less. Yet, accept what you have right now.

2. Talk nice to yourself.

No one is perfect, so have compassion even when (you think) you screwed up. Tell yourself how awesome you are, too!

3. Watch your dough. Keep an eye on your money.

Be in control of spending. Being disciplined with spending is your responsibility and it’s super kick ass to save!

4. Who do you wanna hang with? Keep the good ones close and nurture them.

Dood! The deep connection we have with the few is muy importante. Water those love bugs all day long…

5. Be honest with yourself.

This should be number one, but don’t lie to yourself. What can you really handle? That filter in Instagram is sort of lying too. Just sayin’!

6. Learn to say no.

As you learn to be honest with yourself, you then learn to say no. It’s about how you say “no”, rather than the fact you’re saying no, that affects the outcome if you are worried about disappointing others. Also, don’t worry about what other people think (we’ll call this point number 6.5!)

7. Learn to let go.

I get it, people can be confusing and communicate in ways we wouldn’t necessarily do ourselves. As long as you know that, don’t get bogged down by things. Simply let it go. Ahhhh…

8. Trust yourself.

 Your instinctual gut feeling will never lie. That’s all. You’re feeling it as you read this right now.

Know that we don’t have actually have control. But we do our best every damn day and kick ass anyway!

Own it, know it, be it.


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