September 8, 2014

A Letter to the Dying. ~ Mikela Rae

Between Life and Death

My Love,

It is so heavy to consider that the body is temporary, even though it has been the case for each and every one of us. We somehow manage to ignore our mortality until it is staring us in the face. And we mourn what seems to be time lost.

Our greatest source of suffering is our attachment to the body, believing it is who we are. We fear that in losing the body, we cease to exist. But we are not, and never have been, our bodies or our minds. We are spirit. And that can never be lost.

Spirit comes in many forms, just like the ocean has many waves. But when the wave crashes, it simply returns to being one with the ocean. It does not die, it does not get lost; it simply changes forms. In the same way, our spirits rise from the ocean of God and will crash and return to God, all-the-while still being a part of God. The science of physics has shown us the same thing: nothing can be destroyed; it is all energy that changes form, but never is lost.

I share this with you because I want to reassure you, to the best of my ability, that there is nothing to fear.

I’ve experienced the absolute beauty and love that exists beyond what the mind allows us to see. There is no separation. You are one with God and all those who have gone before you and those you’ll temporarily leave behind on this plane. We will all catch up soon.

The space beyond this existence is pure light and energy and you return to being light and energy; once again merging with the ocean of God. There is no more of the limitation that we experience in our human form and you will be grateful in shedding the heaviness of this body.

You will laugh the most you have ever laughed when you see that this existence was just a blip in time and that time was an illusion, anyway. You will laugh at how seriously we all take this life because you will again have God’s perspective of love, perfection and harmony.

You will also weep. You will weep for those you love who are still trapped in the illusion of separateness, fear and suffering that the mind creates. You will weep over wanting them to understand the perfection and beauty in what is and has always been. You will want to show them how everything is and always will be okay. And to have them feel the immense and absolute love from which everything comes from and will return to.

The heaviness you feel now shifts from sorrow over feeling that you are going on without your loved ones to a sorrow over not being able to bring them into the freedom and love that awaits us all just on the other side of the thin veil. But you will understand that they must live out their adventure in their own time and will join you very soon.

Trust that what is next is going to blow you away; it is all beautiful and perfect.

Trust that where your spirit is headed is home.

You will know the instant that you return that you have been there before and that this is the space from which you came.

And you will wonder at how you ever forgot.

The mind will try to imagine what this place is like, but it cannot conceive of it.

So, there is nothing to do but trust.

There truly is nothing to fear.

I love you and will see you again on one plane or another…


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Photo: KatmaryFlickr

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Read 2 comments and reply

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