September 22, 2014

A Modern Girl. ~ Leah Fortner {Poem}


She has thirty pairs of shoes and no road to walk,

A room full of clothes with nothing ever to wear,
Writing a story in a mirror that cannot store any words,
Dripping down an eyelash of freshly painted personality.
And there is a modern girl on her fingertips…
Shouting out to the crowd,
“Worth every dollar, Society what a bother,”
Gimmicks and tricks it’s anybody’s pick,
Newspaper stands, everyone else sits.
Is it any wonder, when love comes in a box of framed reality?
Could it be dignified to excuse the loss of sincerity,
Wrap it up in polka-dotted butterflies and stay tuned for Pleasantville
Limitless options in boxes or bags,
Choices are scarce and sometimes unpopular,
A nominated queen coming home to her committee of designers,
Pushing her to perfection, which no one believes in,
but everybody hopes for.



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Editor: Travis May

Photo: Britt-knee/Flickr

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