September 3, 2014

Adopt don’t shop! This (gif) will make your day.

Abandoned dog that lived under a dumpster for 11 months is rescued and adopted (i.imgur.com)

Want a dog, cat, puppy, kitten, parrot or hamster? One site lists ‘em all—including specific breeds. Rescue from Humane Society, don’t buy from pet store.

This video is a good test of whether your heart is open and functioning, or not:

The above gif and video comes via the good folks at HopeForPaws.org.

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Cowboy is a Blue Heeler who was abandoned in Compton, CA. For 11 months he was fed by a Good Samaritan, and one day she stumbled upon our rescue videos. The next step was a phone call to Hope For Paws, and shortly after that he was saved from life on the streets.

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Bonus: Heartwarming/breaking must-share story via a Redditor:

“My dad found a poodle mix abandoned in an apartment building in the Bronx (not a nice neighborhood at all, with apparently unsavory tenants).
He was supervising a maintenance job in the building when he heard about the ‘vicious dog that was left in apartment xx’. Apparently all the tenants were trying to scare and rile him up and would bang on the door at all hours of the day/night and taunt him. My dad also overheard how they were taking bets to see how long he’d live. The dog was already alone in the apartment for over 2 weeks. My dad asked the building super about this and demanded to be taken up to the room.
He found a small emaciated puppy growling and barking in a pretty empty apartment with the window open. This was the day before Thanksgiving, so it was a typical cold NY day.
The dog was resorting to eating pens (he was covered in ink) and the stuffing out of couch cushions.
My dad rifled through the fridge, found a little food and put a cup of water down for the pup. He found a piece of rope in his truck, tied it around the dogs collar and took him home with him. The dog jumped in his truck, put his head on my dads lap and fell asleep.
When they got home, my mom threw him in the tub and washed him up and then he made himself at home in our house. We took him to the vet who said he showed signs of being beaten and had some brain and vision damage. The vet told us he was around a year old.
We’ve had him for seven years now and is a total mush and doesn’t leave my Dads side. He does still has his moments of viciousness though (if you sneak up on his blind side, he tries to snap at you).”

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