September 20, 2014

Date a Boy Who Dreams.

Boy who Dreams

Date a boy who dreams.

They don’t grow them on trees.

You have to seek them out!

All people dream, but only some fine specimens can be considered ‘dreamers.’

Without dreamers, the world wouldn’t amount to much. Nothing worthwhile happens without dreams, and to create something beautiful requires a beautiful dreamer. Behind all things of worth, is a great dream.

Find a a boy who dreams, because without dreams, we would live in a world devoid of romance.

You may find a boy who dreams in your dreams or in their dreams, they’re not always awake. Wake him up from his dreaming and he’ll make you smile.

Find a boy who dreams because you deserve a life of adventure and there is a possibility he may succeed.

The world doesn’t need more square pegs. It doesn’t need more old-school politicians, number-crunchers, sleazy lawyers, military attachés. It needs dreamers, lovers, round fantastical pegs you’ve never seen before, magicians, unconventional thinkers. That’s because it hasn’t worked out so well—it’s time to give dreamers a shot.

Date a boy who dreams of a better world.

Steve Jobs was a dreamer who wanted better for humanity, “It’s a wonderful, ecstatic feeling to create something that puts it back in the pool of human experience and knowledge.”

Jobs wanted more.

“A lot of us want to contribute something back to our species and to add something to the flow…. That’s what has driven me.”

A dreamer sees the world as open-ended, filled with possibilities. Imagine embracing this adventure, where together you will find happiness.

A dreamer has youthful eyes even to his dying days. When his body starts to give up on him, he still yearns that his dreams will come true after he is gone.

A dreamer needs to travel to see the world, to feel the excitement of new discovery. If a dreamer doesn’t land on your doorstep, be prepared to travel to discover him. He is out there looking for you, embracing the moment, perpetually yearning.

A dreamer’s world is bigger than reality, he travels in his dreams across vast worlds, and comes back with all the lessons he learnt from his dreams, and the energy to create magic.

Dreams make reality.

A dreamer will produce children, the characters of an epic novel. He will not allow for ordinary names like Sally or Harry. A dreamer’s children are filled with wonder and enchantment, Santiago, Ulysses, Luke Skywalker, Leia Organa, Gandalf but also modest hobbit names like Frodo Baggins.

Dreamers may find everyday life tedious. Be patient with dreamers.

Dreamers see the world as a multi-colored canvas filled with magic and open to creation. A dreamer’s head is often in the clouds, yet don’t give up on finding a dreamer with feet firmly on the ground (though more likely to be in sand!).

Date a boy that dreams. Yet, is also a person of valour and action.

Date a boy who spends his money on the pursuit of his dreams, who sees through judgment and superficial materialism, who doesn’t waste all his money on a whim. Yet however fanciful, a dreamer will bet all his money on his dreams. He has to, he is compelled to dedicate himself to creating a better world from his fingerprints, his foresight. Forgive him if he fails this time. There will be a next time, there always is.

A dreamer will spoil his love with romantic creations from a very fertile imagination. He may not have cash to spend, yet he will more than make up with that in passion and innovation. He will dream up the most simple and alluring romantic acts which turn your feet into jelly and make you feel like the centre of the universe.

Dare to date a dreamer.

Because you are part of his dream. And if you’re not in his dreams, then lose him quickly.

“We are all dreamers creating the next world, the next beautiful world for ourselves and for our children.” ~ Yoko Ono

Date a boy who will not stop dreaming until it becomes his reality. You cannot suppress a dreamer, or force him to give up on his dreams.

His dreams are from God.

Dreams are there for a purpose. If they can come from the imagination, they can be created. There is no limitation to dreaming, and hence it is possible that no limitation exists in reality. Date a boy who dreams about you. Or better yet, lives his dreams and makes you part of his life.

Dreamers remind us that wonderment we felt as kids is still alive and well in us. When times get tough, and we start to lose hope, a dreamer will remind us of our place in the world, and our ability to overcome suffering. A dreamer uses failure to improve on his dreaming, suffering is the stimulus to do better next time.

Date a boy who lives his dreams. Live the answers, make his dreams alive with your love. The best way to love a dreamer is to love his dreams.

Date a boy who dreams about you.

Or better yet, love a boy who dreams.


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Editor: Renée Picard

Photo: courtesy of the author

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