September 2, 2014

Finding Your Groove. ~ Sarah Lee Michaels

dancing in the rain

We all have one. Yes, we do.

We all have a way that we do our own thing.

It might be how we walk, how we dance, even how we brush our teeth.

But we all have our unique style of being and a “groove” we can call our own.

But when it comes to our self-awareness, our self-esteem, even our self-worth, we are often so critical. We think that we need to be better, or smarter, or skinnier, or more fit, or more focused.

The truth is, we all are amazing just the way we are… we might just still be looking for ”our groove.”

Merriam Webster dictionary defines groove as, “A state in which you are able to do something well and easily especially because you are doing it often.”

I like that. That tells me a lot about how we learn tasks, follow dreams, incorporate goals and bring new ideas into our lives. It also lets me know that this “state of being” can be found in our very own perception of ourselves. No one else has to give it to us. Finding our groove can be as easy as doing what we like, doing it often and eventually doing it well.

I am not talking just about a yoga groove, even though as a yoga teacher, I believe everyone has a unique style, or groove, to the way they practice—each person’s movement is unique, personal and integral in discovering yoga’s benefits.

What I am really talking about is a life groove.

It starts when we wake up. It continues as we explore various interests, people, tastes and destinations. It could be multi-dimensional—contain many things to many different people. We are multi-dimensional.

Why can’t our groove be, too?

For instance, do you like to draw? Are you good at dancing? Are you particularly patient with others? Do you love that you are so organized? Are you cheerful and good at making others happy? Are you a healer, a fashionista, a poet or good with numbers?

You see, there are no limits to what kind of groove is unique to us.

What is important is how we all find our groove; how we discover our strengths, our voice, even our goodness to this world. I believe that all that we do affects this planet, and that, individually and collectively, we can contribute to the well being of our universe. Finding our groove helps us get there. In spite of the successes and failures, happy times and sad times or exciting and boring times that come our way, we are able to see them for what they are worth, and still find fullness in our daily living.

I challenge you (and myself) to channel your “groove” everyday. It could be in a small way. It could be in a big way. When your “euphoric state where doing something easily and well” becomes a natural state of existence, your mission on this earth seems most valid.

Each of us has a purpose, and each of our grooves are needed to enhance this changing universe.

Of course, nothing comes overnight. Awareness, confidence and real growth comes after months, even years of understanding the direction we want to go, as we work toward that direction with hard work, study, patience and diligence. It is through that self awareness and growth that we can linger in appreciation of the satisfied results when they arrive.

Remember, we all have our own groove. We all have a life rhythm that is just right for us. When we start exploring that unique groove, we can tap into our best moments.

It doesn’t matter what age, what life stage or what town we are living. It only matters that we all see our potential and seek to embrace our life’s work.

Start today. Find your groove and love life to the fullest. I’m working on my right this minute.





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Editor: Emily Bartran

Photo: Rena Sap/Pixoto

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