September 18, 2014

Flow Back to Me. {Poem}

flowing river, green

I’ve been looking for you. I’ve been waiting.
I’ve been searching. I’ve been craving.
I’ve found parts of you wrapped in dragons.
Mouths full of fire and hearts that horded gold.

I’ve been longing for you. I’ve been praying.
I’ve been hoping. I’ve been swaying.
I’ve found your bounty in the kisses of kings.
Mouths full of promises that didn’t mean a thing.

I’ve been wanting after you. I’ve been weighing.
I’ve been refusing you. I’ve been waning.
I’ve found pleasure with imposters.
Mouths full of love that only we can truly foster.

I’ve found you in my dreams. I’ve found you in my desires.
I’ve found you in streams. I’ve found you in the muck and the mire.
You are my one true love and I a soul mate without her mirror
Mouth whispering in the dark, “Why’d you have to disappear?”

It is not your graces nor your body I long for. Not another half to make me whole.
I recognize you a thousand times from this life to the next. You—the reflection of my soul.
So drift as you will and I will drift too.

And should the current provide, it will bring me back to you.



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Editor: Travis May

Photos: elephant archives




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Read 2 comments and reply

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