September 19, 2014

If Disney Princesses Were Real. {Video.}

Though I’ve had many opinions about the Disney Princesses over the last many months, I’ve eased up on them tremendously.

Meaning, I don’t care so much anymore about all the Disney music, the Princess Balls, and talk of gowns and dress-up shoes and hair. (My daughter, Opal has little interest in Prince Charming, thankfully.) In the midst of all that, she is also in love with her yoga class, she favors playing veterinarian to princesses, and she would rather be camping than anywhere else in the world. So, I think we’re okay.

I guess you could say, I’m prepared to make peace with good, old Disney. But that doesn’t mean I’ll hold back from laughing at their expense.

I recently stumbled across this video and I laughed my face off. The very last scene even had me chortling out loud like an animal.

Comic genius that any parent who has a relationship with Disney will appreciate.

Please enjoy:



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Editor: Travis May

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