September 8, 2014

Interactive Infographic: Click on your state to see the climate deniers that represent you.

Obama identifies 150 members of congress who deny climate change, despite the clear scientific consensus, including Rand Paul, Paul Ryan, John Boehner, Ted Cruz. “Its time to call them out,” he says (ofa.barackobama.com)

Click this graphic for quotes by the deniers, and to see how your state reps vote.

usa map climate change

“Ninety-seven percent of climate scientists agree — climate change is real, it’s caused largely by human activities, and it poses significant risks for our health. Some members of Congress disagree with this simple, scientifically proven fact. We need to work to curb climate change, and a big step is to raise our voices to change the conversation in Washington. Call these deniers out. Hold them accountable. Ask them if they will admit climate change is a problem.

We will continue updating the list below as supporters get answers to the basic question of whether their representatives in Congress accept the science on climate change. We hope that this list will shrink as members clarify what they truly believe about climate change.”

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