September 13, 2014

“I Didn’t Know I was Intimidating.” Why Our Personalities are Changing.

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An amazing process of re-making and transforming your overall personality and appearance may be happening in your life right now.

When you think of what this radical change looks like, imagine Clark Kent changing into Superman, David Bannister turning into the Incredible Hulk, Eliza Dolittle becoming My Fair Lady; or, even the fictional person who meta-morphs into the Wolfman!

Even though the changes we’re talking about occur over time, they’re no less dramatic than those examples. You can expect them when the planet Pluto transits your 1st House of personality.

This is when an individual’s personality blooms from a seed to a full-blown flower. The process turns a shy person into a self-confident dynamo. It can transform an aggressive bully into an enlightened person who realizes his behavior is destructive to himself and others.

It’s also possible for someone’s personality to turn towards the “dark side” as well. For example, the sweet young teen-ager you went to church with can grow up, becoming a manipulating shrew. The mild-mannered fellow you went to school with can become a con artist.

Pluto’s energies can be constructive—improving you or destructive, leading you to ruin.

Pluto’s effect has a profound impact on you making you aware of the psychological forces that have shaped you into the person you are today. You’re able to gain an understanding of the unconscious part of your personality, which in the past may have driven you to act compulsively or behave irrationally in ways you’ve never fully understood or in ways you knew you shouldn’t. 

In a positive manner these energies can cause a person to feel a compelling need to always be honest, courageous and loving as their general nature or, to develop into a personally powerful individual who has genuine charisma.

However, in a more troublesome way Pluto’s effect can also be seen in the person who has a “obsessive-compulsive disorder,” (OCD) where anxiety causes uncontrollable, unwanted thoughts along with a need to engage in ritualized behaviors they feel compelled to perform.

An individual living with this personality disorder may know that such behavior is irrational, but even so, they’re unable to resist and break free of their habit.

Perhaps, you’ve had the feeling that you were powerless to stop a certain bad behavior, almost as if it were out of your control. An old comedienne, Flip Wilson use to say, “The Devil made me do it!” Pluto’s influence will help you understand that you are doing it.

In addition to transforming your personality and behavior, Pluto’s energies can bring you a rebirth of your vital energy and a rejuvenation of your physical body. Thus, if you’ve had a horrible accident or injury it can be a time of remarkable healing and recovery where amazing healing and surgery can be done to bring recuperative change to your body. Pluto’s energies make it possible for you to drastically alter or re-mold your physical appearance, for example, through significant weight loss or even cosmetic surgery. Miraculous transformation can occur during Pluto’s transit through your 1st House.

Overall, it’s a time of self-improvement as long as you’re open to receiving feedback from others, which is part of making your transformation successful.

Some people use Pluto’s passage through their 1st House to get feedback from others through personal growth work, whether it’s seeing a therapist, reading books or self-discovery workshops.

This is your opportunity to purge yourself of old beliefs, attitudes, habit patterns that no longer add value to your personality and character.

You can now make deep-rooted psychological changes that have been a part of you, ridding yourself of past behaviors that were unproductive and caused disharmony in your relationships with others. For example, a person may finally realize, “I’ve always had trouble with authority figures,” or “I want to stop being so controlling and manipulative.”

A self-examination process is occurring at this time that will allow you to better understand yourself and have more satisfying relationships with others. You may have an epiphany such as, “I never knew how much my behavior was turning people off. Maybe I need some help.”

If you’ve been constantly embroiled in power struggles, you now have an opportunity to get to the root of why you’ve had these interactions with others. You may make an important discovery, “I never realized that my personality was so intimidating to others.” Your relationships will become more satisfying and less conflict ridden by having greater awareness and control of the way you express your personality in the outer world. 

Because your willpower is strong, you feel more driven to achieve and get your way at this time in your life. You have an intense urge to use your abilities to the fullest in the outer world, operating with high intention to accomplish your goals. This is a time when you’re ready to do great things and make your mark in the world. You are intensely ambitious, so this can be an excellent time to enroll in school, begin a new profession, start a business or embark on a transformative activity.

You’re now ready to exert your will, authority and influence in order to present yourself in a more powerful way.

This is when your life may take a new direction, which may include assuming a position of authority, such as an important leadership position. You have the opportunity to effectively use your talents and gifts to achieve the goals and objectives you seek. Pluto transiting your 1st House is a rare opportunity to bring success to whatever you value in life. At this time you feel a real sense of personal power. Get ready for a fantastic period of your life when you come into your own and become the person you’ve always want to be! Who will you become?

If you want to know where your personal transits are—and to find out if you have any in the 1st House—that are affecting you, go to the Free Transit Calculator and enter your birth date. You may find out that Jupiter or other personal transits are transforming your personality and appearance right now.


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Editor: Renée Picard

Photo: Helgi Halldorsson at Flickr 


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