September 11, 2014

Jyotish Horoscopes for the Waning Moon Cycle. {September 9th to 24th}

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As mentioned in my waning Moon Wisdom, this emptying cycle is about honoring our steps:

“Use this waning cycle to bring presence to your path, your struggles and challenges. Honor yourself for your steps, your wisdom gained, and the many obstacles you have overcome. Work diligently to both honor your struggles and also reflect on the openings and progress also alive currently in your life. Look for possibilities, doors that are opening and steps you can take towards them. When you feel the burdens and the struggles overwhelming you, dance, walk, move. Work with themes of balance, steadiness, patience, one step at a time. Honor your feet and their wisdom.”

The coming new Moon marks the beginning of Navaratri, the nine days of Mother Divine. This is a particularly auspicious junction point in the cycles and rhythms of nature. Navaratri happens in both fall (Maha Navaratri) and spring (Vasant Navaratri). This is a very precious and sensitive time period where the veils between realms are very thin.

Fall Maha Navarati marks the beginning of change—the passage into a more inward, silent and transformational time period; it marks the nearing of an ending cycle.

The nine days of festivity honors our change, obstacles and struggles, as well as overcoming these obstacles with nourishment, support and wisdom from the divine Mothers Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswati.

I will be sharing much more about this powerful sandhi (junction) point of the seasons in the coming weeks and how to best utilize this time period.

Expect a special Self Care “challenge” in order to encourage more inward awareness at this time. My 3 Levels of Awareness Immersion is part of this. Sign up early for the best rate.

Horoscopes for the Waning Moon Cycle. {September 9th to 24th}

*Horoscopes are based on your Vedic rising sign. You can also check your Moon and Sun signs for further insight. Do the same with your Navamsa signs for further clarity. Do not use these horoscopes with your “Western Sign” as there is likely no correlation. These horoscopes are meant to be used as a broad overview of the current transits and obviously do not address the specifics of an individual’s unique chart.

Aries: Self care and healing continue to be a big theme for you. Figuring out how to balance inner needs and outer demands, while carefully attending to your health and well being are essential. Your power resides in your depths- which may feel more palpable right now. In order to harness and maximize your potential, pay attention to your inner resources and strengths. The past will be reminding you of what doesn’t work, so pay extra attention to what does- so you can reinforce the new, rather than the old. Relationships and networking will require extra diligent communication in the coming weeks, so prepare now. Work with boundaries, needs and expressing them consciously. Use the 3 level check in for cultivating presence.

You’ve been learning how to increase stability and support in your life with the help of Saturn. This has required courage and working with your discomfort and dis-ease as well. Let the wisdom of Saturn ripen you as he finishes his 2.5 year transit through your 6th house in the next few months. The passion you are carrying with you in heart and home matters, with mother and emotions, leads you towards increased passion, play, romance and creativity; especially as Sun moves into your 5th house on the 16th. If confusion sets in, this may undermine your comfort level. Try to find the need that is underneath the worry, doubt, anxiousness. Remember to work consciously with your discomfort and mental/emotional bodies and not bypass them. Use the 3 level check in for cultivating presence.

Gemini: For you, comfort, nourishment and support are the strongest draws. What does that mean for you and where can you find it? Career feels joyfully fleeting which can bring both discouragement and excitement. How can this become a resource and an inspiration, rather than a source of fear? Attending to debts and healing are top priorities right now. Relationships continue to require health boundaries- which will go a long way in helping your needs for comfort and support. Emotional body work is both a priority and a necessity. Are you cutting and pasting over your felt senses? Or paying extra attention to them? Let your feelings be a source of creativity for you and shine a flash light on heart matters in the weeks to come- especially once Sun moves to your 4th house on 9.16. Cultivate your steps for returning home. 

Cancer: Self expansion continues to be your main theme. How’s that working for you? Self expression is powerfully connected to your sense of comfort and nourishment. Cultivate your steps for returning home. Are you voicing your needs effectively? Creativity is fully charged, but unless you can turn this into doable, bite sized pieces, your overwhelm will get you no where. Be sure to make daily attainable goals your priority and take action steps that will amount to success over time. What you do today will (with consistent action) will turn into long term success. Heart, home, boundaries and relationships require more of the same. Let play, passion and romance be part of your plan of action.

The shine and brightness moves you into a sense of increased comfort, nourishment and support as Sun moves into your 2nd house on the 16th. See if you can carry the new self awareness and self development of the past Sun cycle into a greater understanding of your needs and wants. Can you express them effectively? With tact and compassion? Can others receive your message? You are courageously working with how to relate and be in relation with others. What are your greatest needs for safety and support? How can you get your needs met in a mindful, healthy way? This awareness will have surprising effects on your abundance and increase in harmony- so attend to the details. FYI, it’s all connected to your heart wisdom and emotional body. Use the 3 level check in for cultivating presence.

Confusion seems to bring with it a sense of worry, anxiety and uncertainty. Chalk it up to Rahu in your head (1st house!) As Sun moves to your head as well after the 16th, expect some extra attention to be needed with your sense of self, self confidence and your ability to shine. Be courageous with your creativity and artistry and use this as part of your nourishment and self care practice. Work on communicating your needs effectively as well as self expression and vocalizing healthy boundaries. Your relationships depend on it. Right now, working on issues of comfort, nourishment and support are vital to your sense of self and self development, as well as how you relate and who you relate to. Use the 3 level check in for cultivating presence and working with boundaries.

Refer to my Saturn article for reminders about his wisdom. What is best practice when Saturn is sitting in your head? As he finishes out his 2.5 year transit in your first house, you may be feeling the extra pressure taking hold. Career, creativity, courage and relationships are likely part of the equation. It’s important to expand slowly right now, to attend to your self care and find ways to get extra support in your life. You may be wanting to retreat more right now, so allow ample alone time, travel time, and go on retreats- in order for self preservation. This need will increase as Sun moves to your 12th house on the 16th, so surrender to this trend for the coming month. Expect the silence to increase your creativity. Go with it.

Scorpio: The teacher in you is filled and overflowing with wisdom. Ample creativity and a desire to connect, share and inspire are driving you right now. It’s a time of dharma! With Mars in your 1st house, action steps and activation are more attainable, so plot your next moves thoughtfully. Courage is still required for your communications and connections, but don’t be afraid to be bold and daring. Using computers and the internet can be your best friend in order to get the job done. Balance your need for silence with your push to achieve right now. See how the silence and separation you require can be an asset to you and your offerings. Work with self trust issues and cultivate your steps for returning home.

Sagittarius: Taking alone time, traveling and going on retreat are helpful and time well spent, though this may take some effort and courage to accomplish. Away time and being off your normal routine will give some new insights and offer a new perspective. But cultivate your steps for returning home in order to maximize the experience. The past and old friends may offer some comfort for you. Give some gratitude for who is walking with you and let go of those who need to be removed from your list of old support. The wisdom you are gathering at this time is ripening. As Sun moves to your 10th house of career on the 16th, let your wisdom be an offering. Share it and offer it in a bigger way. Connect, create, communicate for greater gains.

Capricorn: Expect gains from friendships and with home and land, heart and emotions, but navigate these territories with consciousness. Relationships are expansive in general for you right now and you are likely feeling the extra support as a result. Still, some fragility remains until Sun moves into your 9th house on the 16th. A new level of courage will be required of you at that point. Courage to share, shine, connect and create in new ways- and perhaps missing pieces of your dharmic path will materialize in order to help you. Saturn provides stability for career, but remember that slow and steady is how you will win the race. What are your steps for returning home?

Aquarius: Career is feeling the momentum and charge. Are you? Connections and relationships have been extra energized lately and reminding you how to be courageous and creative in the process. It’s through your steadiness, however, that you find the nourishment and support you need to step forward. Find moments of pause to reflect and re-center and remember you can’t be in the giving role all the time. How does it feel when you receive? Where do you feel this in your body? Can you sense the nourishment or do you cast it off as insignificant? Nourish and be nourished. As Sun moves to your 8th house on the 16th, get ready for an extra long pause. Use the 3 level check in for cultivating presence.

Pisces: Snipping and cutting, restructuring and deconstructing. These are powerful themes for you right now as Ketu sits in your head (1st house). What are you consciously letting go of and releasing? What are you keeping and holding onto? What are your steps for returning home? Play, fun, romance, students and children can provide much growth and wisdom for you so pay attention to them. At the same time, insights are gained from the past, from the elderly and from the slow ripening of time so be a witness. As Sun moves to your 7th house of relationships on the 16th, work consciously with relationship themes. What needs to be healed and honored? What needs to be unveiled and awakened? How can more fun and passion be incorporated into your connections? Let go of the old and invite in the new.

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