September 28, 2014

Jyotish Horoscopes for the Waxing Moon Cycle. {9.25 to 10.08}


 This is a very sacred time in the Vedic Calendar. The nine nights of Navaratri, dedicated to the goddesses Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswati, begins September 25th and culminates on the tenth day, which is October 3rd—Vijayadashmi. On this tenth day, it is said that Durga was victorious over the demon Mahishasura. Thus this 10 day period is a profound time of overcoming our own demons and gaining insights and wisdom from the Divine Mothers.

For more details about this waxing Moon cycle, and what you can expect from it, read my New Moon Wisdom + Creative Ritual.

The upcoming full Moon is October 8th at 05:50 am CDT while Moon is in Pisces, conjunct Ketu. Moon will be in Revati Nakshatra. More details about the significance of this full Moon and the lunar eclipse that occurs, in my next post.

Horoscopes for the Waxing Moon Cycle {September 24th to October 8th}

*Horoscopes are based on your Vedic rising sign. You can also check your Moon and Sun signs for further insight. Do the same with your Navamsa signs for further clarity. Do not use these horoscopes with your “Western Sign” as there is likely no correlation. These horoscopes are meant to be used as a broad overview of the current transits and obviously do not address the specifics of an individual’s unique chart.

Aries: This is a time of immense pause for you. Slow down. Catch the messages you’ve been too busy to hear. Get radical with your self care regimen. Avoid excess sweets and alcohol. Don’t let bad habits creep back in. Be vigilant with your goals and desires and make sure you’re putting actions behind them. Just don’t push and strain to get the job done. It’s not best use of your efforts and energy. Right now, slowing down will be the most ideal and the most rewarding.

Taurus: You continue to grow in courage and expand yourself by bravely opening to new possibilities. Let creativity be a resource for this expansion phase. How can the arts serve your imagination and ingenuity? Learn and grow with new knowledge. Explore what teachers and relationships have to offer you in terms of growth as well. Work with themes of play and passion right now. What kindling is required to get your fire started? Go slow and be intentional. Building a proper fire requires very basic and diligent action steps. Don’t just squirt the fire pit with kerosene. Keep your gut clean and don’t overindulge.

Gemini: You are working with themes of nourishment, comfort and support right now. How can you feel greater abundance on a deeper, more core level? Creativity is a driving force for you and your life. If you are neglecting your creative life force, then you are bound to be miserable. Make sure that every step you take is aligned with your underlying purpose and vision for passion. It’s okay to go slow (trust that slow is actually preferred) as long as you aren’t martyring your self and your long term visions. Your passions are what keep you alive and filled with life. Step wisely and with a spark in your heart.

Cancer: Softening your creative approach right now will be the best practice for this time period. Be gently courageous. Be mindful of aversion and avoidance tactics that squash your plans, goals and achievements. Are you getting lost in the details, right and wrong, and the beast of “but it’s not good enough?” Be two steps ahead. Meditation and strong mindfulness tactics will serve you well right now. Be diligent with the mental body games, messages and old stories. Notice how they pause you in your tracks and belittle your confidence and action steps. Dive deep and get some answers.

Leo: You continue to learn and grow from silence and alone time. Be intentional with retreats and time at the ashram—even if you’re just having a spa day in your own bathroom. How can themes of self care inspire you and your offerings to others? How can self care increase your heart and emotional development? Right now, using 3 Level Check-ins will serve you in a myriad of ways. Pause and be witness to your felt senses. Nourishment and security are themes right now. How can you create more nourishment and security through stability and support? Get creative. Hint: Use your body and let it inform your emotional body wisdom.

Virgo: Details, details, details. Don’t get lost in the details! Planning and over planning are unproductive. Get out of the mind and into the body. Jump into your desires and activate! Relate, co-create and tend to nourishing relationships that inspire you and feed your spirit. The people, places and things that don’t nourish you need to be attended to head on. Courage is your best friend right now. Be bold in your actions and take a leap of faith. Try something new, look for new work, transform your self and your career. Seek stability—but from the inside out. Take new and inventive steps. Move towards your dreams and desires.

Libra: Taking time for retreats and solitude is essential right now. Are you attending to self care and taking care of your health, healing and spirit? Put relationships on pause right now. It is the necessary self work that will help relationships grow, mature and flourish in the long run. There are some pieces you have been neglecting to see. Where there is discomfort and discord, that is what needs your greatest attention and focus. Don’t get lost in the old stories. Instead, work to re-write and transform those old, tired and worn out messages with a fabulous new twist. What would feel nourishing and supportive to you in your life and relationships? Let that be part of the new plot.

Scorpio: It’s step forward, step backward time. Pluses and minuses increase, sharing their wisdom and advice with you. This is a time of pruning your branches and getting stringent with life’s absolute necessities. For a while there you had quite a few irons in the fire. Right now, keep only the most important irons in the flames and keep stoking these diligently. Less is more—for energy, focus and growth. Home and heart are hot as well. Tend to the passions in your heart and let them lead the way towards the essentials. This will make decisions a lot easier. If it doesn’t light your fire, get rid of it.

Sagittarius: Career is beckoning you. With little details and passionate pauses. What are you noticing? What requires your attention/intention? What can you let go of and release? If it doesn’t stoke your heart and inspire you, leave it alone. Your depths are calling you and they want you to dive deep into your bliss. You have a rare opportunity to get nourishment and expansion from the past, to transform it, make it anew, and carry it forward with you. Transcend and transform old behaviors and patterns and let them teach you about your needs for the future.

Capricorn: Structure and form are still providing you with new insights and career details. Just don’t get lost in the microscopic view. It’s a time to be humble and listen. Be alert to nuances within you and within your environment and relationships. What are you noticing? What have you missed? You are learning by teaching and giving knowledge and wisdom to others. Trust this process even if it feels shaky and uncertain right now. Be mindful of your friendships; they can provide great insight or great destruction. Attract wisely.

Aquarius: Nourishment and abundance may feel fleeting right now. Somehow you are not assimilating all the nutrients and nourishment coming towards you. What are you missing? Your gut is a primary resource right now. Are you paying close attention to it? The stomach is a vital part of our intuition, our sense of knowing and our ability to process life, our experiences and our environment. Clean up the gut and nurture it. There are some very old stories you are trying to digest physically right now. Gently clear the blockages, the colon, and attend to elimination. This is both literal and metaphoric.

Pisces: Shift, change, release. Repeat. This is the essence of this time for you. Work with this intention diligently for smoother steps. There’s a lot to be gained from the release. Have you noticed? Though you are clinging tightly to relationships, many are old and outworn, and no longer serving you. Be radically aware of your needs for stability and support and how false support won’t serve your underlying needs. Transformation and transcendence of the old are potent formulas for your growth and wisdom.

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