Top 10 Bedroom Feng Shui Tips.

Via Jennifer Bonetto
on Sep 9, 2014
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Top 10 Bedroom Feng Shui Tips:

1. Mirrors

An important rule in Feng Shui is that if you can see yourself or any part of your body through a mirror while lying in bed, the mirror needs to be covered up during intimacy and sleeping. Mirrored wardrobe closets, nightstand mirrors, free-standing mirrors and mirrors on the ceiling can cause couples to fight, restless sleep and bring in a third party or affair.

2. Headboard

A bed should always have a solid and high headboard. The headboard should be sans any holes or gaps in it and a wood headboard or frame is preferable. A headboard is good for overall support in life, including career support. It’s also helpful for relationships and intimate encounters.

The bigger the headboard the better. Obviously, it needs to be in direct proportion to the room. If the room is tiny, it doesn’t make sense to have a large overwhelming headboard. The same thing holds true for the bed size.

 3. Water Features

The bedroom should be free of any water features or water noise. The bedroom needs to be completely calm or yin so that people can fall into a deep slumber. Water features in the bedroom are disruptive to our physical bodies while we sleep. Also, water features can indicate affairs, and negatively affect a couple’s relationship, when placed in the bedroom. It is best to reserve water features for other parts of the house.

 4. Overhead Beams

In general, beams in the bedroom are unfavorable. The closer the beams are to the body, the more precarious they are. Vertical beams directly over a couple while lying in bed that  splits down the middle of them during sleep indicates the couple breaking up.

If beams are horizontal across the body, depending on how many beams there are and where they land on the body, they indicate the meridian that will be affected. For example, if there are horizontal beams running over your head and stomach, you may be more prone to issues with digestion, headaches, reproductive organ issues and so forth. It is best to cover up the beams with either sheet rock or beautiful romantic billowing fabric to avoid any negative results.

5. Bed Placement

The bed placement is significant because we spend a third of our time sleeping. Sleeping direction is important, and should always be factored in because this can affect all aspects of health, wealth and relationships positively or negatively. However, if bed placement is based on one of your four good directions and you happen to have your feet pointing to a long hallway or the door to is adjacent to your bed, close the door at night to avoid chi or energy from disturbing your sleep.

6. Color Palette in the Bedroom

The bedroom should always have soothing colors and be free of any bright colors or loud wallpaper. Color has been scientifically proven to negatively or positive affect the central nervous system. Bright colors are too taxing on the system when the body is trying to rest. This is why it is best to avoid bright colors and busy wall paper.

7. Electronics

The general rule of thumb for televisions, computers and stereos is that they should not be in the bedroom. However, sometimes the situation does not allow for this. During times of rest, it is best to cover these up with a bed sheet. Electronics emit electromagnetic fields or EMF for short. These emissions can over time affect our central nervous system as well as our health adversely.

8. No Spiritual Deities or Family Pictures

Spiritual deities are considered sacred, and should not be in the same area where you’re intimate. It is best to remove these from the bedroom and either dedicate a room in your house or another room to display your deities or have an altar. Family pictures should be kept out of the bedroom, too. There’s nothing romantic about wanting to be intimate with your partner and looking up to see a picture of your parents above the bed.

9. Shelving Units Above the Bed

There should never be anything above the bed besides the headboard. Shelving units or any other cabinets above the bed is not only unsafe but it’s too oppressive, energetically, when you’re trying to rest and can disrupt your sleep.

10. Skylights Above the Bed:

The body is in a continual renewal process during the sleep state. From the hours of 10 p.m.  to 2 a.m. the body is in a state of repair. Skylights above the bed can negatively affect one of the most important regenerative processes of the body, liver cleansing. The light pouring through the skylight is cold chi and can force your life-force energy to flow upward, which is not conducive to the repairing process. Also, it can negatively impact your sex drive. It is best to cover up the skylight at night or consider moving it, if it is over the bed.



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About Jennifer Bonetto

Known as 'The Hollywood Feng Shui Master,' since 2008, Jennifer has been the soul behind Real Feng Shui SOULutions. She is a certified Master Practitioner, Certified Master Instructor, and a fellow for the American College of Classical Feng Shui. Currently, she is part of the 400 year old Wu Chang Pai mastery lineage of Grandmaster Yap Cheng Hai, of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. She is featured on Season 3 of HGTV's show, Selling LA and on Aljazeera's documentary, China's Home Invasion. Jennifer received an MBA from Chapman University in Orange, CA. When she's not doing Feng Shui or interior design for her clients, you can also find her teaching and taking classes at Pure Barre, at a local yoga class, paddle boarding, traveling the world, spending time with her family and friends, and laughing a lot. Join us on Facebook: Follow us on twitter: @realfengshui


21 Responses to “Top 10 Bedroom Feng Shui Tips.”

  1. Catherine says:

    Our bedroom is good with 9/10 of these tips. The one that may cause problems is the headboard. It’s solid wood, a decent size, but it has holes in the design. Is there a remedy for this? Or is 9/10 doing ok?

  2. kristinblakely says:

    i need that comforter!

  3. Kuru says:

    Yes, cover the back with fabric so the holes don't go through.

  4. John Dumitru says:

    This is a joke, right? I especially love the last one, when light comes streaming through my skylight between 10 pm and 2 am…and if someone has an affair because the feng shui is off, there really is more wrong than that…oh, and my Higher Power is welcome in my bedroom, no matter what is happening.

  5. kookaburra says:

    i just take it that my spirit doesn't resonate always with feng shui. mainly because it's too literal for me.

  6. erica says:

    in the money area of my room I have a lamp with red lamp shade on a circle wooden bar stool is this ok
    with a jade plant

  7. marthaarntson says:

    I follow maybe 7 out of 10 but still have restless sleep. Soon to be re-decorating and painting the room so will take into account the placement of the bed as my feet point to the hallway and downstairs but I do keep the door closed and all electronics covered up.

  8. Bill says:

    Number seven says that electronics should be covered with a bed sheet while sleeping because they emit an EMF. A bed sheet?! Are you kidding me???!!! How is a thin cotton or cotton blend bed linen going to damper anything magnetic or electro magnetic? Answer: it can’t, doesn’t and won’t.

    That’s a joke, right?

  9. Chris says:

    Covering electronic devices with a bed sheet will not block electromagnietic fields. Unless the bed sheets are made of foil. Perhaps the author has a foil bed sheet?

  10. Brenda says:

    what would be the good the four good direction of bed placement??

  11. Dabko says:

    I lived in a cabin with a skylight right over my bed for a year. That year I had some of the best sleep of my life.

  12. April says:

    They all make sense. I do not believe that covering electronics with a bedsheet is to block waves, but rather to soften the hard form that electronics take. Ty for the article!

  13. MissHell says:

    A bedsheet prevents electromagnetic waves? wow

  14. Mandi says:

    So many rude and negative comments. Not everything written is to be taken so literal. This article isn't to safety proof your house, but to provide a better environment for maximizing Feng Shui.

  15. liesl says:

    i have a lovely earthy color that is very soothing…. however, are we to understand that even in a completely dark room the color will be taxing on the resting body? also, i adhere to most of these…. however remove pics of my family? i am not comfortable with that.

  16. Pema says:

    Any spiritual diety I would recognize would realize that intimacy is a sacred act and is therefore right at home in the bedroom.

  17. Meg says:

    I've managed to break 7 out of 10 of these rules, but with any luck I'll be up to at least 8 someday because I REALLY love skylights! A girl can dream…

  18. Angie says:

    I agree with all of these, except about my altar. Because I consider the dream world a very spiritual place, sex as sacred, and the bedroom as a quiet temple…it feels right to keep my altar in my bedroom.

  19. nayfa says:

    some times feng shui can be a religion for a part of people. it has be rule to be followed

  20. great article use as a rule or guidance to plan or organize any place or else

  21. Alia Zein says:

    Lovely people can someone explain what is meant by the 'beams' and 'skylight' exactly?
    Thank you