September 28, 2014

Transformation through Reintegration. ~ Gina Rose Baiamonte


So I wanted to start blogging about yoga, wellness, life, helping others and personal things—my inner struggles and self.

I was sitting there wondering, how do I get this going?

The answer was simple: just start writing and see where it goes.

Transition and change are the topics that keep coming to mind. The past few months have been a whirlwind and while I’m still trying to reintegrate myself and take it all in—it’s time to answer that big ol’ question of what to do with my life.

I’m that person that’s always reading inspirational quotes to friends, motivating others, preaching to follow your heart, telling people to be patient and that their paths will guide them, etc.

However, when it comes my life and me I completely freak out. It’s like the advice I use to inspire others doesn’t always stick for myself. And it’s hard, because deep down I do believe in the greater good, that doors will open for me once I let them, that everything is going to turn out okay and I will be happy with what path I create.

I’m constantly juggling all these questions while feeling this urgency of now:

Why aren’t things happening for me right now? I’m starting a yoga business, where are my clients now? Should I continue my education and get my masters in Wellness or Education or Design? (Very broad, I know).

Then the other great question:

Am I making the right choice?

On top of this overpowering array of our own paths and choices, we have to deal with  other peoples’ opinions. There’s the traditional thought of just find a job you need to make money and you’ll be fine or the opposing side of following your heart and knowing you find a job that will make you happy and fulfill you.

Which direction do I go?

For any of you in a similar boat, this is the advice that I am trying to hold on to, because I know it’s the truth. It can be hard to realize in times of anxiety, frustration and anger, but take a peek, see what resonates with you.

Patience. Allow yourself the time and energy to think about where you want to be and what you need to do to get there, and then give yourself that time.

As we know, everything takes time. Malcolm Gladwell states it takes 10,000 hours to master something. Holy f*cker, that’s a lot of hours. Don’t be hard on yourself when things aren’t happening right now.

Taking baby steps everyday can get you a lot farther than you know. There are little changes you can make to give yourself this time—maybe not watching that reality show, checking Facebook so often or turning off your phone for an hour.

Giving yourself the time you need to reflect is so beneficial, and all of these other things can be simple distractions from your inner guide. Be patient and make sure to give yourself some real you-time.

Cut out the overwhelm. Choose one thing for now.

This advice has hit home for me: I always put my energy and love into so many directions and sometimes we need to step back and choose one thing. When we are putting our energy into 10 ideas at once instead of one, we’re not going to get anywhere.

When you ask yourself, “Is this the right thing?”

Ignore it.

One thing I’ve learned in life is that we can change paths; it doesn’t have to be forever. Setting aside a year to put your all into one thing really isn’t that much time. If after that year you are still thinking of what your other options were, then you could change direction—but for now, focus.

I’m asking you to take one year for one thing: do you. Don’t do what your mom or dad or boyfriend wants you to do, do what you want to do.

The key to finding true happiness might not make everyone around you happy, but it will make you happy. In the end, everyone who cares about you will be happy knowing that you are happy.

It can be hard in our day and age not to listen to the opinions of others, but there are times when you have to listen to yourself. When you’re not following what your heart tells you, it’s only hurting you.

When you are happiest, you can benefit, help, love, give and share so much more with others. When you’re not, you’re not as willing to give, share and help. And this is so simple, everyone around you benefits from you when you are happy.

So do you, cut out the cloudiness of your thoughts from other peoples’ opinions and do what makes your heart happy.

Trust. In the end, it’s all about having more trust in oneself. You are making the right choice because no matter what, this choice will lead to the next. You will always learn from your choices and you are always opening up the doors you didn’t realize were waiting for you. The answer always lies within, so trust that your body and mind will take you in the right direction. You create your path, not anyone else, so trust in yourself that you will create an amazing one.

After writing this, I already feel more clarity. Clarity was a huge thing for me during my yoga training because I was oh so lost before. Maybe my advice for others does work for me!

I found what my heart desires during training and that I would be extremely happy teaching yoga, art and mindfulness to all, with a main focus on children. Coming back to San Francisco has been tough and I knew it would be. Reintegrating myself into the “real world” has clouded my judgment, blocked me from the feeling that I can do whatever my soul seeks. I’ve been clouded by feeling broke, feeling like things aren’t working out, comparing myself to others, just about everything.

Once you or I or anyone takes a step back from this and dig deep into ourselves with trust and patience, things will work out. It might be a sign, or a feeling, but something inside of you will tell you this is right.



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