September 11, 2014

Until We Are Dust. ~ Marilyn Metzger

Amy Humphries/Flickr Creative Commons

In the end, we are all just atoms and universal specks floating around in the air, in the wind, deep in the ocean.

Some of us are planted firmly on the ground while others soar through cotton candy clouds.

Roots travel down deeply through the soil of more universes, wings fade away into a vast texture.

The man in a suit rushes through a city with a briefcase made out of the skin of a former soul.

A ballet dancer uses her body as a navigational tool through space.

Love, looming over some, but clocks made out of metal and plastic, looming over everyone.

Look not for a friend for guidance, look for your own soul.

Look not for a lover for love, look for your own heart.

Defy any law made by man and even the laws of the universe.

Write your own commandments because to know a god is to know your own soul.

The only thing that’s tangible is truth and over any object, just give me that.

The light in your eyes will meet the light in mine. The truth deep down in the subconscious will eventually seep through the skin.

Live your truth. It’s for the world to see.

I don’t want a five year plan, or a mansion or a 401k.

All I ask is to be present right now.

Here. No time. No judgement. No competition.

Just me—and you can come too—because we’re all just atoms and universal specks floating in air.

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Apprentice Editor: Brandie Smith/Editor: Catherine Monkman

Photo: Amy Humphries/Flickr Creative Commons

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