September 20, 2014

We Can Change the World with Each Breath.

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I feel within myself a sense of awakening.

I feel as though a heavy blanket has lifted itself from my body, exposing me to all that is real and true. Nerves exposed, traces of healing wounds, battle scars, and pure elation.

It all began one morning with a compilation of events.

It started with a yoga class where I focused on my third eye while in savasana. I gently closed my eyes and began to move them to look upwards, between my brows.

While doing so, I felt warm sun shining on my face (a day of overcast was upon us and the idea of the beach brings me unadulterated contentment). My skin felt as though I was laying on the beach—just engulfed in all that is the blissful beach.

My happy place. The intensity of the peace that swept through my heart literally made me feel lighter—free. Hands down, the best savasana of my life, and to think—I didn’t even want to get out of bed for yoga that morning.

If that wasn’t enough delight for the day, while driving home I was listening to Trevor Hall “Chapter of the Forest” when a hawk flew right over my windshield so close I could have touched it if I wanted to. It was beautiful, soaring past me, letting me know that I am meant to be in this moment at this time and to be grateful for the hiccups in life that lead you to your destination.

I’m not sure where my journey is taking me. Or really where my final destination is. But I choose not to get too caught up on the finality of things. I try to live just in the moment, but moments like that reassure me that I am exactly where I’m supposed to be right now. Moments like that give us faith that we are doing right by doing nothing at all but living a life of purpose.

As I continued to drive, home a flock of birds danced in flight. Right above me they stopped mid flight and danced then proceeded back onto their course. This was a remembrance to take a moment out of my journey to stop and dance and enjoy my life.

I felt this day was meant to be.

It washed peace over my skin and I gratefully soaked up every ounce of it within my pores. I listened to the Universe and all that came my way that day.

I was alive!

I was living with each breath bringing about a new discovery.

It brought me to the realization that too often we are unaware of our surroundings. We are unaware of the little gifts Mother Nature gifts us because we are too caught up in the hustle and bustle of this life we are all trying to achieve- big house, fancy car, nice objects.

Let’s all stop for a few minutes throughout our day.

Close our eyes. Breathe.

Take in all of the glorious gifts that are bestowed upon us.

Birds singing. Each breath. Each sunrise. Each sunset.

This is what our life is about! Learning to be grateful for everything in our life. Everything in this life is to teach you about yourself so we can leave this place better than it was when we found it on the day of our birth.

We can change the world with each breath. What a simple concept.

With each breath we can wash away the negativity. We can make room for the positive. We can earn gratitude with each breath. We can learn acceptance with each breath.

We can learn our soul with each breath.

So let’s do it! I accept the challenge. With each breath I set my intention to change the world with positivity and love.


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Editor: Renée Picard

Photo: Daniel Wehner at Flickr 

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