September 10, 2014

What Fox News Wants us to Learn about Domestic Abuse.

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We didn’t really need any more reasons to think Fox News was idiotic, but their reaction to the footage of Ray Rice and his fiancee was truly disgusting.

Watch the video for yourself. They’re on the whole very dismissive about the whole thing, saying, “She married him anyway.”

The tone is offensive, implying that by staying Janay had somehow given her consent to be treated that way. The Fox news team had no visible revulsion or rage in response to the news, which in itself is pretty shocking.

This is one of those rare instances where the NFL had a more logical reaction than the news anchors. They fired Rice immediately when the video came to light. That sends a strong message that abuse of women is not okay, and men who commit violence against women should not be rewarded for that behavior.

But Fox News on the other hand, sweeps right over it.

The message, they say, is, “Take the stairs.”

Think about the consequences of that message to other women who might be in the same situation. We want to give them voices, let them know they’re seen and heard, not brushed over, alone in their struggle.

So, spread the word, let women know that it’s not okay for men to treat them this way. It’s not a consequence of taking the elevator. It’s violence, abuse, it’s evil. They don’t have to take it, because its not natural and there is a better life to be had.

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Read 2 comments and reply

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